And we’re away again, turning for the home stretch and detailing the highest levels of Pledge-My-Money-to-Aid-the-Arts-Via-the-Medium-of-Patreon goodness. Today, we look at all the wonders that can be yours for the mere shelling out of $10 a month: after all, It Takes a Lotosaurus to be a Dilophosaurus.

This is the big time, now. For your pledge, you’ll receive some fantastic rewards, as well as everything you’ve already seen detailed in the four previous levels.

But don’t just believe me. Let a fat man with almost no hair persuade you.

Check out the previously profiled levels:

Like the idiot in the video says (Where do they get these people?) become a patron and receive all this awesome stuff by heading on over to my Patreon site and sign up for your preferred reward. Patron rewards start on 1 Feb 2018. While you’re there, download the free story you get just for saying hello.

Become a Patron!

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