Today on our mighty, extended Patreon launch, I’ll be showing you what you can receive if you join me at the level of $20 per month. It’s time to become The Be Allosaurus to End Allosaurus

Over the course of a year, starting from the 1st of the month following your pledge, you’ll receive a patron-exclusive pdf novel in twelve instalments of 5000 words+ each. In 2018, that novel is Counterweight Colony.
Counterweight Colony is an alternative history novel that charts the progress of a group of English settlers who leave Botany Bay and colonise the fabled and unnamed Counterweight Continent to the south of recently-discovered Australia. When the French exploration ship La Perouse arrives at the colony, it triggers a collision between the English settlers, the native peoples, and the supernatural creatures that have roamed the continent for centuries. To give you a taste of what you’ll be receiving, here’s a short sample:

Summer in this new place was vicious. It had been eight weeks since the first boat landed and already the nameless colony struggled against the sun’s constant anger. The noise of industry should have filled the air: the rise and fall of hammers; the sawing of wood; the myriad cries and halloos of working convicts and administrators. Instead, the omnipresent heat beat sound out of the world, layering everything with sweat and torpor. Even the flies lay still, as if those hyperactive insects could not muster the energy to buzz and thrum. The English pioneers, unused to the weather even after months of tropical sailing, collapsed in whatever scraps of shade they could annex.

Edward Montmercy was, by default, Governor of this distant outpost. If he were honest with himself, he felt more like leader of a company of the damned than a man chosen to guide a brave new adventure. His official mission had been to drop supplies at the brand new Botany Bay colony and then track into the unexplored reaches of the Pacific Ocean. He had done that. But then his real assignment had taken over. This island… he took a moment to consider the tightly-knotted forest that stood guard over the little beach… no map had warned of it. Only rumours, and three powerful men convinced of the existence of a counterweight continent that balanced the weight of Europe at the top of the world. When his little fleet had exited the storm and seen it looming on the horizon, his duty was clear. England would own the poles of the world, for whatever good that was likely to do his small band of soldiers, convicts, and uneducated sailors.

He strode across the cleared ground of the landing, hands clenched behind his back. Sweat rolled across his face and into his collar. He ignored it, moving down the slight incline toward the natural harbour at the settlement’s lowest point. Despite the fierce heat, he wore the full uniform of his rank. There were standards to maintain, even in a new enterprise on the other side of the Empire. It was his burden to maintain them, and more than that, to be seen to maintain them. After all, if God was an Englishman, then He could see where the King’s Privy Ternion, that thrice-damned secret council of three, could not. And not even the King himself could see the one thousand and seventy-nine weary souls nestled on this tiny beachhead, not through the heat haze that stretched to the boundaries of the world.

Counterweight Colony will remain exclusive for 2 years, meaning I’ll make no attempt to seek publication while you enjoy the sweet, sweet smell of exclusivity.
Plus, once a year, choose a word length (up to 1000 words) and a subject, and I will write an exclusive story for you and only you. (Available after 12 months).

That’s an entire novel that only you and the rest of your Allosaurus brethren will see for at least 2 years, plus a story that you will never have to share with anyone else ever, even your Mum!

Plus, you’ll receive all the benefits of the $1, $2, $3 and $5 into the bargain! That’s almost 7000 words of patron-exclusive content a month, plus drawings and the ability to choose topics for journal posts and stories and drawings that are exclusive to you alone!

Go on. Be honest. You spend more than that a month on decoder rings and snuff, don’t you?

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To become a patron and receive all this (if I do say so myself) awesome stuff, head on over to my Patreon site and sign up for your preferred reward. Patron rewards begin on 1 Feb 2018. While you’re there, download the free story you get just for saying hello.

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