I’ve lived in my hometown, Rockingham, for almost 40 years. Even when I’ve moved away, I’ve stayed within the boundaries of Perth, the capital city of my home state. To say this is an adventure is an understatement—the last time I perched on the edge of a desert I was 6 years old, having spent 2 years in Kambalda at the behest of my parents, England’s three-day working week, and Western Mining Corporation’s (now BHP’s) ravenous needs for innocent foreigners to feed the maw of the nickel industry.

So it’s a beautiful coincidence that my first day in Karratha should coincide with the first day of this Patreon adventure we’re embarking on together.


The February journal entry– We Work The Red Seam Together— is written, the first three 500 words stories (entitled Resurrection, Creeping, and Harvest Moon) are in various stages of completion, and I only have the Q&A Vlog to complete before all of February’s Patreon rewards are ready to fire into the waiting hands of eager patrons.

If you want to get a taste of these undoubtedly Nobel-prize winning goodies, all you have to do is pledge as little as a dollar a month. A buck a month! You probably spend more on sherbert and Tony Abbott chest-hair bracelets……

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