Just your friendly, monthly, reminder that you can enjoy a huge swag of rewards every month by dropping the teensiest pledge of fine Australian dollars onto my bowed head over at my Patreon page.

Coming up on the 1st of March, patrons will receive:

  • Secrets and Masters: a new, exclusive story that proves the old trope that just because you’re paranoid, doesn’t mean they aren’t out to get you,
  • A writing exercise designed to take you inside unfamiliar buildings, and turn them inside out,
  • A new Vlog post in which I answer questions posed by patrons, and discuss the methods behind giving unique voices to characters,
  • An exclusive cartoon about being careful what you wish for, especially in lose-lose situations,
  • An 1000-word peek into the unfolding story of Ghost Tracks, my current work in progress,
  • An exclusive journal, in which I talk about working in isolation, the unique environment of the Northern Sunlands, and recommend a couple of top-notch literary biographies,
  • An opportunity to vote on upcoming 5 for Friday posts, and set the direction of the very blog you are now reading, and
  • a whole cornucopia of froody, funky, Patron-only goodies.

To get your hands on this swag, and interact directly with me in a way we don’t normally get to do, head on over to my Patreon page and check out the list of rewards.

Come on in, the blood’s lovely and warm!





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