The song follows Charles O’Connor along the beach, as it has followed him for nearly ten years. His horse is nervous, tugging against his lead as if ready to bolt at the slightest provocation. Charles tightens his grip, nudges it ahead. He knows their destination.

The Mothers wait at the water’s edge.


Water Song is a 3800-word supernatural story centred around CY O’Connor’s suicide. It’s part of the Claws of Native Ghosts project, a collection of historical horror stories set throughout Western Australia’s history that I’m slowly putting together, and which is a key project I hope to complete while we’re here in Karratha. I wrote the first draft way back in July of 2017, as part of my Katharine Susannah Prichard Writers Centre residency (remember that?). Now it’s finally finished, and sent out into the marketplace.

Next stop, Broome, and the Japanese bombing of 1942…