It’s the school holidays, and even though we are, by and large, skint this time out, there’s still time for the odd lunch out. Yesterday we hauled out to Port Samson, a seaside enclave roughly 50 kilometres up the coast, for the best fish and chips in the region, served on a balcony overlooking a wide sand flats and beach. We packed a couple of notebooks and some pens, and while waiting for our lunch, Ms 16 introduced us to a version of the Narrative Corpse writing game. You know the one: you write a paragraph, fold the page over so that only the last sentence can be seen, pass it to the left. At the end, you unfold your sheet of paper and read the odd little story that you’ve all created to much ribaldry and general hilarity.

Ms 16’s variation runs thus: fold the paper into 4 sections. On the top section, draw a monster head, then fold over and pass on. On subsequent turns, draw the torso and arms; legs; and feet, before opening up to see what you’ve all created. Ribaldry, hilarity, and so on.

So, for a laugh, here are our efforts. It’s a fun way to pass the few minutes between ordering the fish and chips and having them arrive. Any resemblance, etc etc……

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