If you like my work, you’ll be interested to know that I’m running a bit of an experiment over at Curious Fictions. Curious Fictions is a website offering readers works by established authors: for a small monthly subscription, you can access works by hundreds of authors including exclusive, subscriber-only stories and newsletters.

So far, I’ve uploaded four stories that you can read for free, plus the first monthly subscriber-only post, including another story. The subscriber-only posts, featuring stories, writing ephemera, and some of the works and snippets that have never seen the light of public ridicule, will be going up on the 1st of every month.

Right now, however, you can read the following just for the price of turning up to have a look:

  • At The End There Was a Man — first published in Anywhere But Earth, Coeur de Lion Press.
  • The Emperor of Moscow — first published in Europa Universalis: What If?, Paradox Books
  • A Suitable Level of Reward — first published in Canary Press, and
  • The Daughters of John Anglicus — first published in Crusader Kings II: Tales of Treachery, Paradox Books


So head on over, have a read, and if you’d like to support this experiment, and get a monthly dose of cool stuff as well as access to hundreds of stories by hundreds of excellent and talented authors, consider popping down a buck or two.


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