Breaking silence just to update you on our current state of Real Life ™.

As many of you know, we located to Karratha, in the North of our State, at the beginning of last year. Right now, that puts us in the path of Cyclone Veronica, a category 4 cyclone off the coast that is expected to reach category 5 by the weekend, when it is expected to cross the coast somewhere within 350 kilometres of my side of the bed.

By tea-time Sunday, we are likely to be gifted with winds in excess of 125km/hr, potentially reaching to over 165km/hr. According to the Bureau of Meteorology, we’re also highly likely to receive rainfall in excess of 150mm within a 24 hour period, resulting in major flooding and a very dangerous storm tide.

The city is currently under a Blue Alert, meaning we are preparing to evacuate: we’ve packed bags of clothing, books, tinned food, torches, medical kits, and so on, and I’ll be spending a large part of my day moving from room to room, getting anything at floor level up as high as I can. According to the City’s official Storm Surge Inundation Guide (and the fact the City even has one is your first clue), our house is in a 1.5m-2m inundation zone: if the shit does hit the fan, that fan will be a ceiling one…..

I’ve just returned from the local SES HQ, where they are giving out sandbags and directing people to public ‘sand zones’ where we can fill them. According to a radio interview with an SES rep this morning, this is the largest cyclone Karratha has seen in over a decade. There’s a lot of infrastructure in place, and it’s viable and sound, but it hasn’t been tested as hard as it’s about to be for a long time.

The local Coles has been stripped of everything non-perishable. The Baker’s Delight closed at 2.30pm yesterday, having sold out. The school has informed us of how to evacuate our students if the Blue Alert goes to Yellow while we’re in class.

In other words, this shit is real, and is likely to affect our little Batthaim in very real ways within the next 48 hours. If I can get any access at any time, once Veronica hits, to let people know we’re safe, I will. In the meantime, just picture us doing this:



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