Time to review another of the 250 Lego sets I’ve accumulated over the last few years. This time it’s an entry from the wide-ranging and central ‘City’ series: 60116 Air Ambulance.

‘City’ has always been, for me, the Starter-for-10 of Lego themes. It’s the one I turn to when I fancy a bit of a quick build, a palate-cleanser while I’m desperately trying to persuade myself that I’ll buy that giant Space/Creator/Atlantis/Cool sub-theme set instead of paying off debts once I graft together the necessary 500 bucks somehow. As a consequence, I don’t really have any great expectations when I buy a ‘City’ set. It’s a diversion, a whimsy. With any luck it’ll have a couple of unusual pieces, or a nice colour scheme, but beyond that, you know, I mean, you know… you knoowww…. Yeah.

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Time for another 250 Lego review, and this time I’m going to go with my most recent acquisition, 70835: Rex’s Rexplorer.

If, like me, you were alive in 2014, you went to see The Lego Movie. Your enjoyment level may have something to do with whether you see Lego as a fun toy for innocently building creativity in both children and antiquated children who may or may not have been 43 at the time; or as a soulless international conglomerate exploiting generational brand loyalty to hoover up an ever-greater range of access vectors to your wallet while simultaneously spewing out an endless supply of non-biodegradable solid-form poisons and destroying the environment.

It’s possible these views are not mutually exclusive.

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It’s not unusual: you watch one movie, and realise just how perfectly a line from that movie would fit into another movie. So, you know, you download an image, and open it with Paint, and, you know…… right?

Anyway, I was washing the dishes, and my mind was wandering, and that’s how the first one happened. And then I was watching The Untouchables, and I was getting bored (it really hasn’t aged well), and my mind was wandering……. and anyway, it amuses me, and there’s bound to be more, I’ll post ’em as they happen, ‘k?




I’m not saying it’s an addiction. I’m not. But I’ve just picked up my 250th Lego set, and what the hell: in the absence of any other form of life, I’ve decided to rebuild the lot of them. And while I’m at it, I may as well write a little review of each one.

So let’s do that, then.

There’s only one candidate to be the first. A set that’s made up of equal part awesomeness and joy……

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