Or to give it its real name: Set number 251, Captain Marvel and a big spaceship and one angry looking lime green orc with a gun…

Establishing shot

An albino orc, Carol Danvers, the Samuel L Jackson character from Pulp Fiction

who somehow wandered onto the wrong set, and get over yourselves it’s just

a frigging cat, walk into a bar…


It’s Father’s Day! And because I am a highly-evolved, mature grown-up of nearly 50 years experience of surviving this toxic ball of sludge we scrape a living on, my children gave me a FunkoPop Black Manta figurine and Lego!

I am not nearly as much into alcohol and tools as previous generations of Battersby men…

The good news is, this means I get to build Lego. And tell you about it. Which may be good news for only one of us, but here we are.

And because my children understand that I will never not have a crush on Carol Danvers, and Brie Larson, and that the Captain Marvel movie was a) wonderful and b) the Green Lantern movie I wanted from the actual Green Lantern movie, up to and including not bearing a single trace of Ryan Bloody Reynolds; they presented me this gorgeous little set to play with build in a very adult, mature, grown-up way.

And the good, good news, is that this is a fantastically fun set to build. There’s no wasting time in building pointless tiny side-bits that will only get incorporated into a bigger MOC later: this is a set of nearly 300 pieces, and all of them are devoted to making the spaceship as big and as satisfying as possible. And it is.


Top view

300 parts, and they’re all in there. The wings are three separate mini-builds, the

engines another two, the fuselage another two again. And all of them enjoyable.


There are multiple small mini-builds that combine to make up the full package, each one utilising a range of offsets and unusual building techniques. Each of the dozen stickers are specific enough to be reminiscent of the movie ship, but general enough that I happily applied them in the knowledge that I won’t need to remove them come the time to break the set down for MOC parts. And the ship itself is eminently swooshable: it looks like it belongs in the sky, all intent and dangerousnessnessness. This is a kid-friendly attack ship that can be flown around the room with as many pew-pew-bssschhh noises as you like. And it just looks cool from every angle. Like the LL918 a long generation earlier, the designers have tapped into the utterly unrealistic notions children have about outer space, and given them full reign.

Which is a very good thing indeed.


front view

Please put down your weapon. You have twenty seconds to comply. 


There are a couple of niggles: the minifigs are drawn straight from central casting, except for Captain Marvel’s torso and the colouring of the orc Skrull, nowhere moreso than in token-disco-hair-guy Nick Fury. And given the branding, I’ve no doubt that the price point was higher than it should be. But as the second point doesn’t count when you get the set as a gift, and I won’t care about the minifigs once they’re in my Great Big Fig Tub ™, they’re an unimportant elephant*.

The simple truth is that, exactly like the movie (but without the brilliant feminine-positive message), this set is a huge big bundle of fun of exactly the right type. And that makes it perfect.




Fun, cool, and it looks great. There is nothing not to love here.

Rating excellent

The League Table of Awesomeness


                      1                   1                                     2


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