Time for another 250 Lego Reviews review. And time to gingerly step foot into the all-devouring corporate-coloured cultural black hole that the average citizen has been fooled into thinking represents everything that is science fiction: Star Wars.

From the above description, the unobservant passer-by might be persuaded that I hold Star Wars in some sort of fine contempt. The unobservant passer-by would be correct. I could bang on and and on (and on and on and on and on and on and on….) about all the things I hate about Star Wars. But that is a post for another time, and another level of sobriety. Suffice to say: it’s generally a steaming pile of everything-bad-about-pulp-skiffy flavoured turds. It does, however, have one saving grace:

Every now and then, it pulls out a piece of machinery that reflects all my youthful Chris Foss-worshipping dreams.

In Lego terms, I have a love-hate relationship with the Star Wars theme. It undoubtedly saved the company when it was facing bankruptcy some time ago, and it remains one of the highest selling (if not the highest selling: I don’t have the actual figures) theme the company puts out. But because it sells so well, Lego doesn’t feel the need to invest much time and energy into any other space-themed lines: themes I much prefer, such as Space Police and Galaxy Squad, and even the underwhelming Alien Conquest (about which, more of them all later), come and go with no fanfare and sales to match. And, being a licensed set, and licensed from a corporate behemoth that could probably successfully fund wars against everyone bar China, the price point for sets is ludicrously high.

Basically, if you love space sets, but you aren’t a fan, the bone of screwdom is aimed towards you. Occasionally, however, I find a set that has an interesting-enough shape, or pieces, or is on heavy-enough special, that I pick one up. To whit: today’s set.


three quarters


If you’ve ever wondered what a giant battle-ready cyborg snail would look like, this is the set for you. There are 255 pieces in this tiny thing, which is a misleading figure, as 60 of them go into the single track that runs through its middle. It has no play features, doesn’t even move very well on that one track, and I cared so little about the included minifigs that I swapped two of them with another AFOL for other figures I wanted to include in a diorama I was building for Bricktober one year.

So what is there to recommend it? Well, basically, it comes down to the build. It’s a genuinely intriguing shape, and uses some techinques and offset that are invaluable when creating MOCs. If you’re into that mindset, it’s a good-looking piece of kit. It looks odd, in all the best ways.



Please put down your weapon. You have twenty sec…oh, wait.

We did this joke for another set already, didn’t we?


It’s not overly expensive. There are a lot of small parts that can be used elsewhere. And it looks funky. The build is not very complex, but enjoyable enough for what it is. Picked up on special, it was a momentary diversion that looks good on a shelf next to other, more exciting, spacey stuff.



Star Wars. Hard to care about, but with some interesting shapes. The End.


Sometimes that’s enough, and in this case, it is. Just. But I am clearly not the demographic, as my friend Grant Watson likes to say every time I disagree with him. I have ten Star Wars sets: this is the only one I bought for myself. The other nine belonged to my son before he sold me his entire Lego collection for money to buy X-Box games.

Which is another thing I could bang on and on and on and on and on and on……..



It is what it is. An interesting shape and that’s it.

Rating Average

The League Table of Awesomeness


                      1                   2                                     2


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