I’m doing it hard today. It takes a huge commitment of energy for me to remain focussed right now, energy that ran out this morning and left me completely non-functional. In getting Luscious, Lord 14, and Erin through each day I’ve been stressing the importance of routine and habit: when the will is suffering, and the emotions are unravelling your day before you, routine and habit can be the difference between achieving the one thing you need to make the day a functional one, and laying on the bed counting the non-existent cracks in your pillowcase all day.

So, I need routine today. I need habit. And as I couldn’t manage to get up, dressed, and through the three-minute drive to my workplace, I’m going to get a Lego 250 review up. Then I’m going to go count pillowcase cracks for a while.

Let’s make it a good one, shall we? Continue reading “LEGO 250 REVIEW: 5973 HYPERSPEED PURSUIT”