Naturally, when you hate a movie, the first thing you do is run out and buy the merch, right? In other news, the Lego Batman Movie makes the Lego 250 review list.

I’ll let you in on a little secret, just in case it’s something that’s slipped by your notice because I keep it so well hidden: I quite like Lego. Own a bunch of sets, got some merch in the wardrobe, went to see The Lego Movie a bumptyjillion times and bought it on the ultra-super-bellsunwhistly-edition. So when I tell you that the Lego Batman Movie was a flaccid, cynical, charmless pile of cold suet, it’s from the perspective of someone who expected the charm, wit, and generally delightful nature of both the original Lego Movie and the toy itself.

Unfortunately, it turned out to be 90 minutes of Will Arnett and the sound of a forehead repeatedly striking the single joke that ran its course in the first fillum.

It did, however, have one saving grace, and this is it: The Penguin’s Arctic Roller set is a delightfully odd take on a 1930s roadster, all exaggerated curves and extra wheels, and… uh… I want to say… fish lasers? At just shy of 300 pieces it’s a solid build, almost tubular in construction, with a single playability feature: depress the awkwardly prominent stud in the middle of the otherwise seamless bonnet, and two plastic spear-like objects sproing from the front of the car at the speed of sound and impale themselves in your younger siblings eyeballs. So there’s that to look forward to.



Fish lasers? Sure, why not? Fish lasers. 


The Younger Sibling Build is one of the most truly insulting pieces of tat you’re ever likely to see: a ‘boat’ made from about half a dozen pieces that would actually improve the set by being left out. But the car largely makes up for that, by virtue of how simply lovely its shape is and the excesses of its design.


All top

A boat so insultingly crap that I’ve included everything else in the set just to distract from how insultingly crap it is. 


Unlike the movie from which it springs, Penguin’s Arctic Roller is merely disposable, rather than an actual embarrassment. It looks good, doesn’t actually do much, and has a few pierces that will come in handy when building your own designs. It’s average, but given its roots, that’s not bad at all.



It’s all about the curves, baby.



You know you’re not much of a villain when everyone talks about your car and you don’t get a single mention.

Rating Average

The League Table of Awesomeness


 1                 2                7               6               4


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