Eavesdropping On Evil: Paperback + Spoken Word CdEavesdropping On Evil: Paperback + Spoken Word Cd by Wayne Howell

My rating: 1 of 5 stars

Absolutely one of the worst true crime books I’ve ever read. It’s riddled with typos and grammatical errors, and takes the bizarre editorial decision to treat the narrative as if reporting on the various stages of a film or TV production, lending the whole thing an air of authorial frippery that it doesn’t deserve.

There is no attempt to analyse or place the events within any larger context, simply chapter after chapter of copy-pasted transcripts that haven’t even been neatened up to aid readability– as if every ‘um’, ‘uh’, or wandering off into irrelevant discussions is somehow necessary to understand the story, rather than just the product of a lazy author rattling off a quickie cash-in — squeezed in between breathless, over the top tabloid descriptions that hit every stereotype in the Murdoch Fish Wrapper Manual.

I read this while trapped inside my house during a cyclone, without power, by battery-powered lantern, and *still* almost gave up in favour of lying in the dark listening to my fences being torn down. An absolute junk job.

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