In today’s Lego 250 review, we delve into the murky world of corporate sponsorship, and question the appropriateness of accepting money from the oil industry, even though Lego is made from plastic, which… you know… is made from oil… and the oil company is… you know… made up….

Somewhere along the line, the fake oil company Octan became part of Lego folklore, to the point of becoming an omnipresent global behemoth responsible for the production of nearly everything in The Lego Movie. Its red, white, and green colour scheme is as recognisable as any combination in Lego-world. Supporting a product so clearly made from materials damaging to the planet is a line that Lego fans trip delicately along, if they care about it at all: despite short-lived PR overtures towards sustainable materials, we’re stuck firmly in the Plastic Age.

Using the product to reinforce a commitment to the fossil fuel industry is probably not the most tree-hugging leftie libtard snowflaky thing Lego has ever done, you know?

Which leads us to 60115 4X4 Offroader. Basically, a Dakar rally car draped in the Octan colours.



It’s not quite dinosaur-turns-to-oil-to-make-plastic-that-gets-turned-into-toy dinosaur… but it’s close. 


Dodgy fake-corporate sponsorship aside, I’m not really a fan of Lego vehicles. There’s nothing wrong with them, per se. It’s just that they all conform to such a strict building template that whatever variations are included seem minor. 60115 4×4 Offroader is largely similar to any number of 4x4s released by Lego over the years: whether they’re towing caravans, fighting fires, chasing dinosaurs, or competing in rallies, there’s little to separate them.

The vehicle itself is solid, and has a suitably chunky appearance. It has one nice component, in the form of a spare tire and frame that sits in the rear tray. Other than that, it’s a bog-standard build.



Every set has one component of interest. But the spare tyre? That tells you something. 


The Sibling-Build is, to put a fine point on it, shite. A five piece– I want to say mustard dispenser? — in the corporate colours; what can charitably be described as a flag with a pet; and a small trolley containing eight of those irritating tools I complained about when I reviewed 60229 Rocket Assembly and Transport, and which Lego seem obsessed with in recent days (Seriously. No. Just stop). This is the sort of side-build that results in tantrums and groundings. I can hear the cries of “Whatever she says, I didn’t so it!” as I’m building.



As disappointing a side-build as you’re likely to find. 


If it sounds like I’m being harsh to what seems to you a perfectly satisfactory set, I probably am. People who like Lego vehicles, or who have a Cityscape diorama that would benefit from the splash of green-white-red, will probably find nothing at all to criticise. But you know how these reviews work: the hardest thing to talk about is having nothing to talk about, and that’s really what this set amounts to– been there, done that, no need for the postcard. 60115 4×4 Offroader is just very, very ordinary.


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Eh (Shrug).



It’s not that it’s bad. It’s just that it’s…… what were we talking about, again?

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