Sometimes you buy a set because you love the theme. Sometimes you buy it because it looks cool. Sometimes it’s a particular colour palette, or a new part that catches your eye, or a pre-existing part is released in a new colour that excites you.

Sometimes its all of those things. To whit: Lego 250 visits the underwater realm of 60092 Deep Sea Submarine.


There’s excitement in discovering a new part, or new colour scheme, doubly so when you discover it and immediately know how you’re going to use it in a build of your your own creation. That’s what happened when I stumbled across 60092 Deep Sea Submarine.

The bright yellow colour scheme was a bonus, especially all those lovely curved pieces and round bits. But what really fired my imagination, as a I stood staring longingly at the box in the K-Mart toy aisle, surrounded by eight year olds and parents who silently shepherded them away while giving me the side-eye, were the spine pieces that make up the main feature the set’s secondary build. I was building a river for a Micropolis display, and I needed something to add as a feature, and suddenly…… sea monster, attacking a bridge, looked great, I felt clever, photos some other time.


Yes, I bought an entire set for those three bits in front. What’s your point?


That aside, the real bonus to this set is that it was simply so enjoyable to build. Enjoyable enough that I back-stabbed an entire room of people to get two sets, thanks to a lively game of ‘Dirty Brickster‘ when I attended Brickvention in 2016. And it is thoroughly enjoyable. The sub is a compact, densely-built piece of kit that rises quickly through a well-balanced combination of small framework pieces and large decorative items for the outer hull, The yellow/black/dark grey colour palette is striking. It’s eminently swooshable, and the arms at the front of the sub are highly poseable, making the set very playable as well. And it looks great from every angle.



A really nice-looking set, with all the right features. 


The secondary build isn’t exactly Sibling-friendly:  it’s basically a rock with bits on it. But the spine and ribs lever upwards to reveal a treasure chest– because of course– and those spine pieces and deep red branch were worth their weight in, well, ABS.



Comin’ ATCHA!


60092 Deep Sea Submarine is one of those sets that prove how well Lego can create something when designers are allowed to focus on simply creating the best possible design, unhampered by licensing or fad. It looks great, is fun to build and play with, was priced perfectly, is swooshable, uses the colour palette exceptionally well, and is just a very, very good set in all areas.



One of my absolutely favourite non-themed sets.



Quality in every direction. A very solid (see what I did there) set indeed.

Rating Good

The League Table of Awesomeness


 4                 3                14               16               7

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