We’re one-fifth of the way through my original goal of reviewing the 250 Lego sets I have purchased. (We shall not talk of the fact that I’ve somehow managed to end up with another 30+ since I’ve started, no we shan’t….).

It’s time for a quick review of the reviews: an index to what we’ve seen and how they’ve rated.

But before that, as any adult knows, a hobby isn’t a hobby unless you can quantify it and uses stats to pretend it’s a sport.

Let’s break down some numbers, shall we?

The first fifty sets total in excess of 12,000 pieces, and cover 28 themes and sub-themes: Alien Conquest; Atlantis; Brickheadz; Chima; City (including Arctic and Spaceport sub-themes); Classic Space; Creator; DC Superheroes; Dinosaurs; Friends; Hidden Side; Ideas; Kingdoms; Lego Batman Movie; Lego Movie 2; Marvel Superheroes; Mighty Micros; Mixels; Modular Buildings; Monster Fighters; Ninjago; Pharaoh’s Quest; Polybag + book; Space Police III; Star Wars; and Ultra Agents.

The most reviewed theme so far is, as should possibly be expected, the bedrock theme City, with six sets, as well as three more in the Arctic and Spaceport sub-themes. Four Lego Movie 2 sets have been covered. Creator, Hidden Side, and Ninjago have all contributed three reviews each.

I’ve deemed eight sets excellent; eighteen as good; and sixteen as average. Four sets have been poor; and another four have been dubbed the worst.

So much for stats. What sets have ended up where? Here’s the run-down, with handy links should you have missed any and wish to argue:




918 Space Transport 

6929 Starfleet Voyager

21109 Exosuit

21307 Caterham Seven 620R

31088 Deep Sea Creatures

70418 JB’s Ghost Lab

70841 Benny’s Space Squad

76127 Captain Marvel and the Skrull Attack



All The Mixels in One Big-Arse Review

5973 Hyperspeed Pursuit

5984 Lunar Limo

7325 Cursed Cobra Statue

7326 Rise of the Sphinx

9441 Kai’s Blade Cycle

30408 Tulips Polybag

30529 Mini Master-Building Emmet Polybag

40274 Mr Claus and Mrs Claus

60092 Deep Sea Submarine

60194 Arctic Scout Truck

60224 Satellite Service Mission

60229 Rocket Assembly and Transport

70170 Ultracopter vs Antimatter

70420 Graveyard Mystery

70424 Ghost Train Express

70674 Fire Fang

70904 Clayface Splat Attack




4427 Fire ATV

4432 Garbage Truck

6721 Mosasaurus

7950 Knight’s Showdown

7977 Seabed Strider

9461 The Swamp Creature

11910 Microscale Space Cruiser (+ book)

30182 Santa

30364 Popcorn Cart Polybag (plus book)

30533 Sam-X Polybag

30572 Race Car Polybag

40180 Theatre- Bricktober 2014

60115 4×4 Offroader

60116 Ambulance Plane

70911 The Penguin Arctic Roller

75015 Corporate Alliance Tank Droid




30381 Imperial Tie-Fighter Mini Polybag and notebook

70835 Rex’s Rexplorer

7051 Tripod Invader

76011 Batman: Manbat Attack





6865 Captain America’s Avenging Cycle

76064 Spiderman vs Green Goblin

70123 Lion Legend Beast

70821 Emmet and Benny’s Build & Fix Workshop


There’s still another 200 (and 38 at the time of writing. I make no promises….) sets to go, so by gawd, I hope you’re enjoying these, because we could be here for quite some time……

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