Here’s my last gallery of movie images based on the Facebook meme that Stephen Dedman tagged me into: following on from forays into Speculative Fiction, Animation, the pre-1945 era, and Comedy, are ten (thirteen) modern — ie: post war — movies that have made an impact upon me — that don’t necessarily fit into any of the other categories. You know how these things work.

They’re not necessarily the best (although most are all-time favourites), but they are those that have had the greatest impact and influence on me as a person, artist, and small despairing thing. Stories will be shared as requested.



Lastly, of course, the one movie that stands above them all, no matter how I decide to cut lists, or genres, or viewing habits. The one that has affected me most deeply, done the most to set my path through life, and been closest to whatever soul I still have left. After nearly 50 years of life, and hundreds if not thousands of movies viewed, this is still my favourite, and the one that sings deepest within my bones.

If you were to cut away every other influence that has ever been a part of me, this is the one movie that would remain.



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