One of the things I’ve missed most since moving to Karratha is the opportunity to exhibit at my favourite annual arts exhibition, Bricktober. So much so, in fact, that recently I determined that I was going to pack myself into the car and drive down to Perth in 2021 for the sole purpose of doing just that.

Then a double dose of positive karma struck: Firstly, Luscious approved the plan, and second, my good pal (and head honcho of Bricktober) Stephen Kendall gently coughed in my Facebook feed and mentioned that a) due to Covid-19 restrictions, Bricktober was taking place in a fully online environment this year, and b) if I pulled my finger out and built something inside of a week, I could display something this year as well as next.

So, without any further blethering, allow yourself to follow the link to Bricktober 2020! An entire month of online Lego art, with my own little sculpture The Hunting Lodge to be found on Day 12. To whet your appetite, here’s a wee piccie:

It’s all done in the best paaaahhhhsible taste…

You can see the rest of my gallery, as well as a quick video tour and a video message from my big fat giant head, on my exhibition page.

And while I’m at it, this marks the 2000th post here at the Batthaim, and its predecessor The Battersblog (no need to look: all the posts were migrated hereward when I moved over), stretching back to the prehistoric days of 2003. It started as a way to process events following the death of my first wife, and has morphed into… well, whatever this is, over the years, taking in my writing career, family achievements, arts practice, memes, swearing, and inappropriate pictures along the way.

For however long you’ve been dropping in to read my blend of blether, ranting, and oversharing, my thanks.

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