As discussed earlier, I’m determined to get myself back on track in 2021. Writing, exercising, eating well, being a good and kind and lovely person and all that shit… and blogging. So let’s get back to some of the regular features that this little stream-of-consciousness blethersite once featured, beginning with Thumbnail Thursday.

To recap: back in the day, when dinosaurs ruled the Earth and such a thing was possible, I had a yen to become a cartoonist. I had all the right pencils, I sketched out a ton of thumbnail sketches on a regular basis, I even submitted and sold a few here and there. Ultimately, however, when it became apparent that I could dedicate my time to putting in the necessary effort to being a good author or a good cartoonist, but not both, well… look, somewhere there’s a Universe where I zagged instead of zigged, and I’m forcing you to read unfinished short stories that you don’t give a shit about, let’s put it that way.

So here I am, many years later, with a folder full of sketches and nothing to do with them, and what the hell: an artistic journey is still an artistic journey. So, Thumbnail Thursday exists as a way to give them an airing. Hopefully for your amusement, but if not, then certainly for my embarrassment.

To whit, the first one for 2021. A simple visual gag, where the punchline arrives after you’ve finished reading the image. Sometimes simplicity is its own reward.

“BORN TO RID pto…”

Come back every Thursday for another look back at a career I didn’t have. Or don’t: I’ll still be here…

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