This one seems to be quite generation-specific, in that I don’t recall many of my peers having send-the-kids-to-bed-while-we-party-in-the-living-room type parties, although maybe it’s just that my friends didn’t want to invite me to them. But I certainly recall any number of evenings as a kid, where I was tucked into some strange bed while adults did strange, arcane adult things in the living room beyond — you know, like eating bits of cheese on sticks and listening to Boz Scaggs albums.

Anyway, I’m not saying I spent those evening rummaging around in drawers and amusing myself by speculating on what I found in the cupboards of Aunts, Uncles, relatives, and strangers that I otherwise would never be given access to. I’m just not saying I didn’t, either…

“Grandpa, what’s an Obersturmfuhrer?”

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