Time for another Lego interview, and this time we’re chatting to a fellow inmate teacher in my very own English Department at school.

Dani Smith is a hard-core Mumhen, the kind of teacher that goes out of her way to make sure every kid has pens, paper, clean underwear, hot food, and a snug-in-the-bug, as well as an obsessive creator of high-quality teaching resources (at least one of which I’ve used as the basis for an entire unit….), water polo nutcase, and Mum of kids that are actually hers for real. She’s also a fan of using Lego to enrich her family life, as our interview shows.

What is your name?

Miss, Mum, Danielle or Dani

Do you have a day job?

Yep, I attempt to teach English to teenagers

Why do you enjoy Lego?

It’s a great mental break

What role does Lego play in your life?

I’m more of a co-builder these days. I help my son with his sets.

What was your first set?

It was something small from memory

Dear God, it wasn’t this one, was it?

What is your favourite set? Your favourite theme?

It was my police set. It came with a big truck, like the booze busses we see on the road. Or, my police boat. That one took hours to build.

Was it this one? I have this one. I’m going to say it was this one.

What was your favourite/most enjoyable build?

I think anything with my dad. I use to love getting Lego for Christmas from him and we’d sit and build for hours.

Do you prefer to build sets from the box, or use your pieces to make your own creations?

Build the set definitely, but I will sit and do random build challenges with my son.

Do you build to display, exhibit at shows, or otherwise?

Nope. But once they’re built they often find a cupboard to sit on display.

Did you have a Dark Ages — a period where you weren’t interested in Lego? If so, what brought you back?

I guess as a teen/ young adult. My son bought me back to it.

Do you have any special achievements in your Lego life?

I’ve kept it all

How big is your collection?

We have 3 large storage tubs full.

Define “tub”.

Are you working on anything now?


Do you have any online galleries where people can see your work?

No. Sorry, I’ve not got any photos. Maybe I’ll build my truck again soon. Also, is it just me or are the instructions too simplistic these days? I feel like there’s no challenge. One day when I’m rich I’ll buy the $600 Hogwarts castle.

Dream the dream.

Love Lego and want to be featured in this year’s Brickheads interviews? I’d love to hear from you, and it’s as easy as getting in touch.

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