Humanity’s war against the animal kingdom needs no introduction, but sometimes, unless you see the trophies, it’s hard to get any visceral sense of it. Thankfully, it’s harder to find decapitated heads on walls, or severed limbs holding umbrellas, than it used to be. Like many of my generation I have seen them, (I have an hilarious story about choosing a new wedding venue because of the sheer shock exhibited when my future wife and I expressed our desire not to be married under a gallery of riven gazelle noggins…) and it’s the mundanity of their presentation that instills the creeping goosebumps as the horror of their appearance– the idea that a normal suburban family would see nothing at all noteworthy in using a hollowed out piece of flesh to store their walking sticks over using, well, almost anything else, is a profound insight into the banality of human evil.

Also, one of my favourite novels is Moby Dick, the heartwarming story of a man driven to insane lengths to revenge himself upon an animal that objected to being speared to death and turned into candles through the medium of the kind of limb removal that people inflict on heffalumps to holds their parasols. Not a huge mental jump to come up with the following, then…

Moby Dick’s front hallway.

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