Time for another in my incredibly irregular series of Lego Fan interviews. This time we check in on Kameron, the son of one of my writing pals, Dia. He’s at the beginning of his lifetime obsession (BWAHAHAAAHAHAHAHAHAAAAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA he’ll learn….) but he’s already racked up some impressive set builds and is collecting himself a pretty decent collection.

So in his own words, so that we can all look back when he’s rich, famous, and poverty-stricken because he’s spending all those riches on the sets his parents wouldn’t buy him when he was a kid (I’M NOT BITTER!), here is Kameron himself.

What is your name?

My name is Kameron Jacob Back.

Do you have a ‘day job’ — the thing you actually do with your life?

I go to school and hang out with my friends.

Why do you enjoy Lego?

Because it’s fun and looks cool on display and it’s fun to build.

What role does Lego play in your life?

It’s a display item in most of my rooms.

Part of Kameron’s display.

What was your first set?

Probably some Duplo. But I can recall an X-Wing from Star Wars which might have been about 2013/14 I think ? I’m not sure.

The X-Wing. Didn’t get a piccie of the Duplo, dammit!

What is your favourite set? Your favourite theme?

My favourite theme is Star Wars. My favourite set is the Death Star as it’s very intricate.

What was your favourite/most enjoyable build?

My most enjoyable build was my Bionicle General Grievous because it’s my favourite Star Wars character. It looks really cool and it’s fun to play with.

General Grievous. Looking good.

Do you prefer to build sets from the box or use part to make up your own creations?

Sets from the box as I suck to build my own things.

Do you build to display, exhibit at shows, or otherwise?

I build to display in my bedroom.

Did you have a Dark Ages — a period where you stopped being interested in Lego? If so, what brought you back?

I stopped being interested after Year 6 and there was that Lego Masters which sparked my interest again.

Do you have any special achievements in your Lego life?

I don’t think so- I’ve only spent like 1-2 hours with Dad building some of my Lego.

How big is your collection?

Maybe 8 big ones, 10-15 normal sized, and approximately 5 small sets.

Are you working on anything now?

No I’m not – the last one I did was the Millennium Falcon.

No word on how many parsecs it took to build. (Because PARSECS ARE A UNIT OF LENGTH, LUCAS, YOU SHITHOLE HACK!)

Do you have any online galleries where people can see your work?

No I don’t – I haven’t thought of setting that up before.

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