It will come as no surprise to those that know her, to know that Luscious has been struggling with feelings of rootlessness and being adrift since our son Blake died in September 2019.

But the feelings run deeper than that one cataclysmic event.

See, Luscious was a full-blown, card-carrying member of a doomsday cult for well over a decade before I met her. She was a Jehovah’s Witness, with all the brainwashing, persecution, repression, and stunting of personal self-image and ambition that goes along with it. Freeing herself from the psychological and emotional damage caused by her inculcation in the ways of the cult has been a long, difficult process. There have been numerous victories, and just as many hard, painful blows, along the way.

Now, finally, she’s reached a place in her personal and professional lives where she’s beginning to turn outwards — to want to apply her hard-won self-knowledge and agency to helping others. Inspired by other ex-Jehovah’s Witness filmmakers ands activists like Lloyd Evans, she’s taken to the camera herself: JW Welcome Wagon is the result, a channel where she will confront and discuss her own escape and journey to self-actualisation as well as issues raised by the way in which the cult is interacting with the world outside.

She’s been researching and shooting the first episode over the course of these school holidays. It’s up now.

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The taming-dinosaurs-for-fun-and-profit game Ark, that is, not the lunatic-belief-held-by-people-who-shouldn’t-be-trusted-with-children Ark.

So, from last week’s ultimate in science, to this week’s ultimate in religious tosh. If you’re going to believe this sort of nonsense, then you have to believe all this sort of nonsense. And as it’s all a bunch of badly written fictional nonsense anyway, it makes it easy to play with.

“How long have those two megalodon been shadowing us?”