So, the first thing that happened was that Lord 16 and I needed to get another free week of Disney + so we could watch season two of BucketHead and the Baby Lone Spacewolf and GreenCub The Mandalorian.

So, the second thing that happened was we realised we’d actually accidentally paid for a month so we’d better get our money’s worth.

Which is why we’ve spent the last couple of weeks mainlining WandaVision and Falcon & The Winter Soldier. Nothing can justify why I subsequently forced him to watch an entire episode of The Inhumans, other than I love the characters in the comic books, and I needed to see if it really is as bad as everyone said it is.

It is.

So having steeped ourselves in the current round of extended adverts for the next phase of bloated, self-indulgent big screen Marvel soap operas (which does both shows a disservice: F&WS is an excellent adventure romp, and WandaVision is an utterly extraordinary piece of television) — thoughts turn to who else should have themselves a groundbreaking TV show, and just who is left for the Marvel Execs to dig up, plug into a blender, and spit out. After all, we must be down to the J-grade guys by now, right?

Well, kind of, yeah. So, with a few ground rules below, here are five Marvel characters I think are prime candidates for inclusion into the MTVU.

5 for Friday: The Best of the Rest of the Rest of the Few Who are Left by the Rest

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