I am aware, as many of my friends in population-dense centres suffer through yet another round of lockdowns, that living in Karratha has brought with it benefits of distance and isolation. In all the time that COVID-19 has ravaged the world we have seen, maybe, two cases enter our hospital’s isolation ward, and even news of them counts more as rumour and speculation than fact.

That said, let me be clear: if you are anti-vax, you’re a moron. If you are anti-COVID-vax, you are a fucking cretinous moron with chips.

Even in far-flung, isolated Karratha, Luscious and I have found the time. Between walking through the door and leaving it took us 17 minutes, and 15 of those was the rest period after.

It’s not about you. It’s about those you’ll harm if you don’t.

Get it done.


The parade of movies we have to introduce Lord 16 to before he leaves home doesn’t pause just because it’s the school holidays. Last night was Dogma, Kevin Smith’s funniest, most-professional, and best-made work from back when it was possible he might just remain an indie godling forever. In a film packed with quotes to lighten the heart of even the pickiest of quoters, this one stands out as the most deserving of elevation to a full life hack.