If you’re a Lego fiend, or just interested in the way I artistically express myself instead of writing these days, then be of good cheer: there will be a post about my epic excursion to travel down to Perth to exhibit at this year’s Bricktober exhibition last weekend coming soon.

To be honest, it would have been coming this weekend, except that well, decisions have been decisionated, and the family have decisionatisized that our adventure in Karratha is over, and it’s time for us to pack up and return to the relative civilisation of Perth and surrounds.

All of which requires us to have jobs. So this weekend has been a frenzy of cover letters, updated CVs, and hitting up all the job links of Jobs WA, Seek, and the like. Luscious is a career teacher, so we’re concentrating on making sure she’s offered a full-time position, which will then be the indication of where we need to settle ourselves, but I’m also making sure I at least throw my hat into the ring for some positions — as as many part-time ones as I can find, as well.

Pretty pictures soon, I promise, as soon as I’ve shot these applications away and have the time to write a full blog report. But for now, it’s off the submit buttons for me! Best case scenario is that we’ll go down for Christmas and simply stay. I’ll keep you in the loop.

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