if my maths is correct — and if it isn’t, I’ll just draw another one when the time is right — I don’t have quite enough thumbnails left to run this feature through to next Christmas. After 200+ thumbnails covering the extent of my occasionally semi-serious, several-times-aborted, never-good-enough-to-really-consider-it attempts at fashioning something in the cartooning realm, I’m going to run out of thumbnails sometime in the coming year, and that will be that. Thanks for reading, and all that.

However, I still have four Christmas-themed cartoons left on my list, so rather than do anything clever with them, I’m just going to shove them all up here at once and wish you, from the point of view of this feature anyway, a final merry Christmas all at once.

May your stocking be full and your egg particularly noggy.

To start, an exercise in weird perspectives and forced narrative.

“Could you point to the one who stole your sleigh, sir?”

It bugs me that this should be framed the other way round: the speaker should always be to the left. But, once again, the expression on the animal’s face: I’m always really taken with the expressions I get on animal’s faces, and never with, you know, the actual rest of absolutely all of it…

“Look, I hate to ask, but Rudolph’s sick and we really need the whole nose thing for our marketing obligations.”

And to end, a cartoon that sums up how I’m sure a lot of you feel towards this feature, my blog, and me in general. Merry Christmas, one and all.


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