It’s traditional, at this time, to publish my end of year list. But as a) it’s more than thirty items long, b) I’m currently lying in a chalet in Fremantle, a long way from my computer, and c) I’m typing this on my phone, that one’s going to have to wait.

Instead, let me end this year of neck-deep shite with a list of goals for my first year back in Perth for almost half a decade. To whit:

A list of ‘musts’ — things I indisputably must accomplish this year to bring my life back onto the track I want it to be on, and a list of ‘wants’ — things that would make my life better if achieved, Binky the Space Squirrel willing.

First up, the ‘musts’:

  • Write one new story. I have been away from my writing career too long. Let us start small, and exceed if we can.
  • Submit one story. I have several I finished but never submitted. Maybe they’re good enough. Maybe the new one will be. But let us start small, and exceed if we can.
  • Find a permanent position. Right now, my teaching job is a six-month contract, with a promised second six-month contract, and some hopes for beyond that. It doesn’t have to be teaching, but permanence equals stability. So let’s get stable.
  • Read 26 books. I normally aim for 24 — two per month. I want to waste less time watching TV or playing games on my phone, so two per fortnight is a manageable increase in my (non-graphic novel) reading habit.
  • Exhibit at Bricktober. Natch.
  • Enter the 2023 B-Sheds exhibition. A new Lego exhibition in February 2022 was too close to the upheaval for me to consider, but if it backs up again next year, I want in.
  • Drink cool drink a maximum of 104 days. A habit that has grown out of control. Let’s scale it back to two days a week, to begin.
  • Eat take-out/fast food a maximum of 78 times. Ditto.
  • Work out, walk, or do my home weights routine three days per week, minimum. Fat, torpid, and in pain should be the name of my one-man show, not my actual lifestyle.
  • Undertake one new class or course. I have become intellectually moribund. It doesn’t matter if it’s a weekend workshop at the local arts centre, a short TAFE course, or a full unit of study. It’s time to learn something new.
  • One date night per month, minimum. Luscious and I spend so much of our lives for others that we fall into the habit of neglecting us. No more.

And now the ‘wants’:

  • Attend the Perth Writers Festival. It’s my place to be, and I was building a nice presence there. Time to dip my toe back into the water.
  • Join a gym.
  • Join a kickboxing or boxing class. I attended a kickboxing class with Lord 17 in Karratha, and loved it. Then Blake died. Then it was too hard, then the guy left. I want to get back to it.
  • Investigate Honours or an MA. Tied in with the education thing above. I want to get back to immersing myself in what I love, and what I love is writing, and achieving things through my writing. And I want a Masters degree. Always have, never got there.
  • Get back under 100kg. Did it. Blake. Etc etc.
  • Attend one event or activity per fortnight. I resort to torpidity too easily. What’s the point of being back in Perth if I’m still just sitting in my house playing on my phone? Activity — engagement — is all.
  • Attend Buildapalooza every month. It’s the Perth Lego User Group social build night. I want to be social, and build, and be more involved in the group. So natch.

So there we go. 2022 in a nuthatch.

Wish me luck.

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