All the films, books, graphic novels, and TV I shoved into my brainhole in 2021, all in one easy place to make mockery and derision easier.

Don’t say I don’t think of you.


  1. Croods 2: A New Age
  2. The Exorcist
  3. Predators
  4. Escape From New York
  5. Se7en
  6. Blade
  7. Red Dragon
  8. Bill Baily: Part Troll
  9. Ferris Beuller’s Day Off
  10. Brazil
  11. Mystery Men
  12. Scarface
  13. King Kong vs Godzilla
  14. Shazam
  15. Howl’s Moving Castle
  16. Brave
  17. The Others
  18. The Suicide Squad
  19. Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle.
  20. Cowboy Bebop: The Movie
  21. Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings
  22. Dune
  23. The Crow
  24. Good Will Hunting
  25. Spiderman: No Way Home


  1. The Ripper
  2. Cowboy Bebop
  3. Tokyo Ghoul S1-
  4. Arrested Development S1-S3
  5. Blown Away S2
  6. Skin Wars Fresh Paint
  7. The Night Stalker
  8. Parks and Recreation S1-S6
  9. Cecil Hotel
  10. Great Big Flower Fight
  11. White Boy Rick
  12. Night of Terror
  13. Pele
  14. Last Chance U: Basketball
  15. Made You Look: A True Story About Fake Art
  16. The Devil Next Door
  17. The Accountant of Auschwitz
  18. Lego Masters S1-3
  19. Mandalorian S2
  20. This is a Robbery: The World’s Biggest Art Crime
  21. Watchmen
  22. Lego Masters UK S1-3
  23. WandaVision
  24. Falcon and the Winter Soldier
  25. Sons of Sam
  26. After the Night
  27. Room 2806: The Accusation
  28. Heist
  29. American Vandal
  30. Frasier S1-
  31. Loki
  32. Doctor Death: The Undoctored Story
  33. The Women and the Murderer
  34. Metal Shop Masters
  35. Bob’s Burgers, S1-
  36. Bake Squad
  37. Battlebots S5-
  38. The Squid Game
  39. Bruno Vs Tyson
  40. The Raincoat Killer
  41. The Motive
  42. Bad Sport
  43. Blown Away: The Christmas Special
  44. Lego Masters Brickmas Special
  45. Dig Deeper: The Disappearance of Birgit Meier


  1. Lonely Boy, by Steven Jones
  2. Unknown Pleasures: Inside Joy Division, by Peter Hook
  3. Telling Stories, by Tim Burgess
  4. Whatever You Do, Don’t Run, by Peter Allison
  5. 1606; Shakespeare and the Year of Lear, by James Shapiro
  6. The Hacienda: How Not to Run a Club, by Peter Hook
  7. Simple Pleasures, by Peter Hook
  8. James leCarre: The Biography, by Adam Sisman
  9. Monty Python Speaks!: The Complete Oral History, by David Morgan
  10. Ceremonies of the Flesh, by Michael Perkins
  11. 1599: A Year in the Life of William Shakespeare, by James Shapiro
  12. The Disciplinarian, by Emma Allen
  13. Contested Will: Who Wrote Shakespeare?, by James Shapiro
  14. Kostya: My Story, by Kostya Tszyu
  15. Josh Hartnett Definitely Wants to Do This…, by Bruce Beresford
  16. The Men Who Would be King: The Courtship of Queen Elizabeth 1, by Josephine Ross
  17. Killing Mr Rent-a-Kill, by Duncan McNab
  18. Rivers of London, by Ben Aaronovitch
  19. Kraken, by China Mieville
  20. The Affair of the Poisons: Murder, Infanticide and Satanism at the court of Louis XIV, by Anne Somerset
  21. Just Ignore Him, by Alan Davies
  22. Little Demon in the City of Light: A True Story of Murder in Bell Epoque Paris, by Steven Levingston
  23. The Leather Nun and Other Incredibly Strange Comics, by Paul Gravett and Peter Stanbury
  24. Instructions for the Apocalypse, by Rod Sweet and Tim Williams
  25. Help, by Simon Amstell
  26. All About Me! My Remarkable Life in Show Business, by Mel Brooks


  1. The Authority Omnibus, by Warren Ellis, Mark Millar, Peyer, Hitch, Quitely, Nguyen
  2. Green Arrow Vol 6: Last Action Hero, by Grell, Cowan, Hoberg
  3. Injustice, Gods Amongst us Year One: The Complete Collection, by Taylor, Raapack, Miller
  4. Suicide Squad Vol 3: Rogues, by Ostrander, McDonnell, Lewis, Kesel
  5. Daredevil/Batman: Eye for an Eye, by Chichester, McDaniel, Fisher, Wright
  6. American Vampire, by Snyder, Albuquerque, and King
  7. RIPD Vol 1, by Lenkov, Marangon, and Emberlin
  8. Umbrella Academy Vol 3: Hotel Oblivion, by Way and Ba
  9. Captain Marvel: The Ms Marvel Years Vol 1, by Reed and others
  10. Checkmate Vol 1, by Greg Rucka
  11. Checkmate Vol 2, by Greg Rucka
  12. Zatanna, by Paul Dini
  13. Justice League International Book One: Born Again, by Giffen, DeMatteis, Maguire
  14. Symbiote Spiderman: Alien Reality, by David, Land, Leisten
  15. Justice League: The Detroit Years Omnibus, by Conway, DeMatteis, and others
  16. Teen Titans: Beast Boy, by Garcia, Picolo
  17. Teen Titans: Raven, by Garcia, Picolo
  18. Deathstroke Vol1: The Professional, by Priest, Pagulayan, Paz, and others
  19. Fables Vol 6: Homelands, by Willingham, Buckingham, Hahn, and Leialoha
  20. Monstress Vol 5: Warchild, by Liu, Takeda
  21. Something is Killing The Children Vol 2, by Tynion IV, Dell’Edera, and Muerto
  22. Final Crisis Aftermath: Escape, by Brandon, Rudy, and Richards
  23. Zombo: I’m a Good Boy, Really, by Ewing and Flint
  24. Gotham Central Vol 2: Jokers and Madmen, by Brubaker, Rucka, and Lark
  25. New Avengers: Everything Dies, by Hickman and Epting
  26. Marvel 1602, by Gaiman, Kubert, and Isanove
  27. Guardians of the Galaxy: The Complete Collection, by Abnett, Lanning, and others
  28. Captain America Vol 3, by Jurgens, Ross, Scott
  29. The War of the Realms, by Aaron, Dauterman, and Wilson
  30. Dark Knight Returns: The Golden Child, by Miller and Grampa
  31. Slaine: Demon Killer, by Mills, Fabry, and Power
  32. Doctor Strange: The Oath, by Vaughan and Martin
  33. City of Others, by Niles, Wrightson, and Villarrubia
  34. Joker, by Azzarello and Bermejo
  35. The Helmet of Fate, by Niles, Simone, and others
  36. The Authority, by Brubaker, Nguyen
  37. Gotham by Midnight Vol 1, by Fawkes and Templesmith
  38. Spiderman Noir: Twilight in Babylon, by Stohland and Ferreyra
  39. Arana: Here Comes the Spidergirl, by Avery, Brooks, Cruz, Olazaba, and Lee
  40. Transhuman: Rivka’s Story, by Kok, Sands, and Pitcairn
  41. The Black Monday Murders Vol 1, by Hickman, Coker, Garland, and Wooton
  42. The Black Monday Murders Vol 2, by Hickman, Coker, Garland, and Wooton
  43. Eternals, by Gaiman and Romita Jr
  44. Thanos Rising, by Aaron, Bianchi

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