Almost completely moved into the new house, and two weeks into fresh battles at my new school, so of course I’m going to fall over with an inflamed lung and have to spend the better part of a week doing sod all on doctor’s orders, just as the neighbours and fellow teaching staff were really learning not to bother with me.

Lord 17 is also home today with a cough to rival Captain Coughy McCougherson — we’ve really got to stop huffing off the same crack pipe — so it was a glorious chance to introduce him to a movie that is, well, simply one of the most wonderful pieces of celluloid I’ve ever watched: one of Terry Gilliam’s several masterpieces, The Fisher King.

There are some lines, no matter how brilliant or otherwise a movie may be, that simply transcend the material and slice your heart straight open.

The Good Place’s “Picture a wave…” speech makes my eyes flood every time.

“We are Groot.”

“I don’t understand. Who is this child?”

Hell, I know people who tear up over the “I love you”…… “I know” exchange in The Empire Strikes Back.

It takes all sorts, and I guarantee you, unless you are a soulless monster of incalculable stone density, or a Steven Seagal fan, you have your own Shut up, you’re crying! favourites as well.

Which brings me back to The Fisher King, and because I haven’t seen it in a bunch of years, this line, which goes straight into that list of lines that make me cry like a six year old with half a cone of ice-cream on the ground.

Naturally, as a defence mechanism, I have to undermine the living shit out of it. Naturally.

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