Whaaaaat? Big game hunting and domestic violence? What’s not to love?

Yeah, so this comes across like a 4Chan community production of Rebecca. It seemed funny many years ago, when I was a much simpler creature, and self-awareness was just an entry in the dictionary. In the interests of completeness, here it is. But yeah, it’s not a joke I’d make today.

“Oh, that? That’s the first Mrs Aldenheimer.”


I’ve told the story a few times: of how, at my first Bricktober, I was upbraided by a Blue-Rinse Avenger for daring to have two gay aliens (two alien minifigs standing face to face…🤷‍♂️) in my display, and how ever since I’ve made sure to display the rainbow colours in one form or another, just to have them there in case the right people notice… and the wrong people 😜

This year, due to the constant disruptions of moving and new jobs, and a massive lack of time, I’ll only be participating in the Micropolis build. But, despite the difficulties of part choice and palette compromises, I’m still trying to get something in there. This flower hedge, for example, in the garden of a mega-church-looking building…