It’s probably no secret, to anybody who still cares enough to read this blog, that Real Life ™ has become a tad-bit overwhelming in recent days, which is one reason why entries on this site have become few and far between.

This week, for example, I find myself the latest beneficiary of the Spicy Flu Lottery.

Yep. Despite being triple-vaxxed — and literally on the day Luscious and I were off to get our fourth shot — I tested positive for COVID, and have been bed-bound since Friday afternoon.

Still, in the spirit of silver linings everywhere (All clouds have silver linings. It’s where acid rain comes from.) it will give me a chance to drop an entry or two in this long-neglected journal, and enable me to finish a few projects that have been hanging over my head for a while.

For example, I’ve finally managed to get my Diploma of Graduation from Mime School…