Ah, one of my favourite times of the year, the pre-Christmas cookapalooza.

Today: balsamic cherries, Caesar dressing, glazed ham, roast chicken log.
Tomorrow: Egg nog, apricot bellini base, slow-cooked loaded potatoes, key lime pie, lemon meringue pie
Christmas morning: Mango salsa


Christmas lunchtime:


wild rumpus


Fame is a fleeting, and tenuous creature. I have a deep and abiding love for the next-to-famous, the guys who hold the other end of the gold record for the writer-guitarist-lead-singer-handsome-one. The co-stars. The sidekicks. The John Oates’ to the Daryl Halls. The Andrew Ridgleys to the George Michaels. The idea that you can be in fame and talent without necessarily being of it. This, of course, as is the nature of these Thumbnail Thursday posts, predates our current culture, where the preponderence of reality TV means anyone can be famous, regardless of proximity to the merest whiff of talent or charm or worth.

Pity, then, the memories of these fine gentlemen. I’m marginally proud of the fact that you can tell which is which.


John Oates and Andrew Ridgeley spent a lot of times in celebrity kitchens during the 80s.


Ever seen a broken spiderweb and wonder what happened to it? Anthropomorphism is a key component of cartooning: animals that look like humans, and/or behave like them. Of the two, I prefer animals that behave like humans while still resembling animals, but it’s… uh… horses, for… you know…


“Well, well, well. Lovely web you got there, guv’nor. Shame if anyfink happened to it…”


Exciting news from Walker Books: this coming March, Magrit will be released in paperback, with an all-new cover! Check out this beautiful new wraparound, courtesy of the massively talented Amy Daoud, who provided the original, hardback cover. Apart from those of us in the actual know, you’re the first in the world to see this stunning new image, so get your completist hats on and order a copy to sit next to your well-thumbed hardcover edition!


Paperback cover


Paperback cover Mar 2019


Sexy, innit? 😉