Lee Battersby, it must be said,

Is just a giant, floating head.

Receding hair and greying beard,

he’s to be pitied more than feared.


I was born in Nottingham in 1970, departing from a snow-covered city in 1975 directly to Kambalda, a town on the edge of Australia’s largest desert. In November.The resultant culture shock is probably to blame for a lot of things, note least the feeling that I have never really belonged anywhere, and the strange twitch I get in my left eye whenever I see pebble gravel.


I am the author of over 70 stories in Australia, the US and Europe, with appearances in markets as “Year’s Best Fantasy & Horror”, “Year’s Best Australian SF & F”, and “Writers of the Future”. I was the first West Australian winner in the Writers of the Future competition.

I’ve taught at Clarion South and developed and delivered a six-week “Writing the SF Short Story” course for the Australian Writers Marketplace. My work has been praised for its consistent attention to voice and narrative muscle, and has resulted in a number of awards including the Aurealis, Australia Shadows and Australia SF ‘Ditmar’ gongs.

I live with my wife, writer Lyn Battersby and an increasingly weird mob of kids. I am sadly obsessed with Lego, Nottingham Forest football club, dinosaurs and Daleks. I’ve been a stand-up comic, tennis coach, cartoonist, poet, and tax officer in previous times, and I currently work during the day as the Arts Co-ordinator for my local Council.