Sometimes a project comes along and it’s just so damn fun, wacky, or unlike anything I’ve seen before that I’ve no option but to throw myself into the ring shouting “Me! Me!” in a high-pitched voice like a dancing tranny.

To whit: I’ve been invited to partake in writing the live-action, multi-city, map-based, mobile phone-accessible Choose Your Adventure anthology. Confused? Good. That’s the way I like you.

The project is the brainchild of Emily Craven, who’s already done a similar project in Queensland. This time she’s come over all ambitious and recruited a raft of authors from across Australia, including some of the more far-flung corners of the continent, like… well, Canada. Apart from myself (I’m covering Perth, of course), confirmed authors include Kim Wilkins, Sophie Masson, Isobelle Carmody, Sean Williams, Jason Fischer, David Coe, Marianne De Pierres, and Michael Pryor.

Sexy, eh?

How does it work? Simple. You receive a map with a series of QR codes printed on it. Click on the code, and you’ll be taken to a website with part of the story. From there, you choose which direction you want the story to take. Each section is keyed to a real location, so you can physically travel the route as you read the story.

There’s a bunch more to it than that, and you can read all about it on the website. But there’s a catch. Of course there is. There always is.

The project is subject to a Pozible campaign, with a goal of raising the $26 000 necessary to fund the project by October 4. Visit the site here, read about the project and its aims, learn more about the authors involved, and scope out the raft of cool contributor rewards you’ll receive if you choose to kick in a few bucks to help the campaign reach its target. Kick in enough and I take a camera full of exclusive location shots for you to add to your story, making it truly one of a kind. Splash out more than enough and I’ll take you on a guided tour of the Perth sites myself. Pledge some crazy money and they’ll fly me to your city to write a whole adventure just for you!

Fund the entire project yourself, and I will personally kidnap Sean Williams and force him to have sex with your neighbour’s puppy while you film it. It’s not on the website, but I will do it.* 

And because everybody loves a video, here’s one of Emily explaining more about the project as she tools around the Brisbane area, just like you’ll get to do if the project comes to life.

What more could you want? Authors begging? We can do authors begging. Here are some of the emerging authors who’ll be involved. That’s right: not only will you help battle-scarred veterans afford their next bottle of medicinal Drano, you’ll help fresh-faced young bucks discover the joys of early-onset alcoholism and frog-fondling.

So there it is, my darlings. A project that promises to be unbridled fun, for authors, financial supporters and readers alike. Hope you can join me.

(*Just so we’re clear, Sean won’t actually do this. He’s strictly a kitten man, is Sean…)