1. Reads a magazine article wherein a bloke does 100 push-ups a day to improve his physique, build core resistance, and lose stomach fat.
  2. Thinks, “Hey! I need all those things. I can’t do 100, but I can do five. If I do five lots of five a day, that’s 25. I can get used to that, and build from there. Magic!”
  3. Works out that starting at 6am, three hours apart, can fit five sets in and finish at 6pm.

Today. First attempt.

  • 6am: I can do five push ups!
  • 9am: I can do fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiive push uuuuuuupppppsssss…..
  • 12pm: I can do fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiucking hell!

If I just lie here counting carpet threads, I’ll be right where I need to be come 3pm……


Earlier this week, I laid out 5 resolutions I hope to achieve in 2018. One of those was to lose weight. I always have this one, and I always fail. So what I need is a goal: something to aim towards that involves weight loss, but doesn’t make weight loss the end product.

Luscious and I stumbled across a couple of documentaries on the Crossfit Games during our Christmas Break, and that’s when I discovered Murph.

Murph is a competitive routine named after a US Navy Lieutenant and crossfit enthusiast, Michael Murphy, who was killed in Afghanistan in 2005. It consists of the following elements:

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