For a while now, I’ve been trying to persuade my best friend Seanie to get hisself a durn blog. I’ve known Sean for 17 years, and one of the reasons we’ve stayed friends for so long is that he, more than any friend I’ve ever had, has the ability to send me rolling across the floor in paroxysms of laughter.

Anyway, he’s finally caved in, and this is the result. Typical of him, he’s pulled something out of the hat unlike anything I expected, and it’s well worth the wait.

I’ll be sticking it up on The Batthome as a permanent link during my next site update, possibly this weekend.

Song of the moment: Jump David Bowie
Reading: Script notes for The Memory of Breathing


Okay, for Mynxii, the lap cat herself:

Everyone’s priestess
Shadow stalking lap cat rests
The next bounce comes soon

Oh, it hurts, it hurrtssss…..

See what pain I’ll go through for you, my people?


You know, I’ve just found out that if I can get another 10 or so people to subscribe to the rss feed of this site, I’ll get listed on 10-page long list of Top RSS feeds on LJ.

C’mon people: grab 10 friends! Help a bored friend in need!

Do this for me, and send me an email to prove, and I’ll write a haiku about cats, just for you. Promise.



An interesting post on an interesting secondary world writing issue: The Moss-Troll problem.

Discuss, using examples. This question is worth 35% of your total mark.


If you haven’t met him yet, there’s a new poster in the LJ world. His (generic gender reference, btw. Real gender unknown) name is Anencephalic Kid, which I think is a great title that I’ll be stealing for a story sometime in the future πŸ™‚ and he’s got some interesting opinions on the writers he’s met and read.

Why do I bring this up? Because this is a fellow in need of educating. Go and have a read and you’ll see what I mean. Leave a comment. Please. One the one hand I applaud this fellow’s willingness to state opinions without any recourse to apologia, but on the other, he’s so wrong about guys like SJC (and myself, at least, I think so…) that he needs to know before he makes a total tool of himself.

I’d love to see some fiction from this guy.

Song of the Moment: Cyclops Rock They Might Be Giants
Reading: Mojo- Conjure Stories edited by Nalo Hopkinson, Gregory Marc Hempel


Okay, a few weeks back I closed down my LJ account because I didn’t like where my participation in the particular community was taking me.

Blogger doesn’t have a flist function.

Boy, it shits me. See, having a flist is a really handy way to keep all those sites such as Jay Lake’s blog, Nalo Hopkinson’s blog, the paleontology LJ community, and so on and so forth. In short, all those really useful, entertaining, and informative writers and information founts that I like to keep in touch with.

Not to mention friends, a number of whom have spent the last couple of weeks ending conversations with me with “Well I posted about it….”

So, a compromise. A new LJ. But I don’t even have the password anymore, as the first and only post explains. It’s me, making me up a new reading list, is all.

So if you’re a pal, or someone interesting πŸ™‚ and you want me to read all your special adventures, consider friending me. But I shan’t be commenting, because I can’t. Okay?

See? I am the soul of compromise. Once I’ve finished ranting πŸ™‚


Fandomedia starts on Friday, and finishes on Monday.

As of that Monday, which is, coincidentally, the 1st day of the new month, I have a bunch of tasks to complete. 120 of them. I’ve given myself 120 days in which to do them, on the theory that it should take that long to write a novel (not coincidentally at all, #1 on my list…)

In order to make the process more fun, I’ve listed them on a blog page. Naturally, me being me, there’s actually 124 πŸ™‚

But I’ll be crossing each one off as I complete it, and referring back to it every now and again, for your entertainment and rock-throwing practice.

Song of the moment: Sound And Vision David Bowie


Prompted by comments on the Message Board (See, I pay attention!), I’m undertaking a few things to try and get this blog a little more interactive and widely read. So I’ve activated comments for each post, which gives you the option of commenting upon each individual thing I say or joining the wide-ranging (and mostly bearing little resemblance to anything that’s happening on the front page: It’s alive, I tell you, alive! in my best Colin Clive voice) conversation on the board.

I’ve also posted the board on Technorati, which people tell me is about as popular a blog search engine as there is. If you go waaaaaay down to the bottom of the page you’ll find a button and link. If anybody knows anywhere else to register to get a few more warm bodies reading these humble offerings, feel free to tell me. Use the new comments function, even πŸ™‚

What I’d like to do is to set up a tags function for each post a la LiveJournal, so that people can search the entries by subject, but so far, that’s defeating me. If anybody has any information or expertise I lack (if! HA!) feel free to let me know how I can go about it.


Many thanks to Stephanie Coxon and Martin Livings for pointing these out:

Oz Horrorscope review Ticonderoga Issue 8, commenting upon the strong heart within my story Fade.

Tangent Online also reviews the issue, according both ears and the tail to Fade for its unusual structure and calling it a “powerful reading experience”. Oh, if you insist πŸ™‚

I’ll update the reviews page of the Batthome website when I have the chance to include them.


Producer Matt’s notes on the first draft of The Memory of Breathing came back yesterday, with a good guide as to how I should be able to take the 42 minute short and turn it into a feature-length script. We may have an executive producer on board soon, which will be brilliant as it’ll give us a real run at getting some money together. Of course, he’d like to see the script, so Matt’s almost apologetic “Do you think you can get it done in four weeks?” is no problem at all. Noooo problem. Nope, not a problem, uh-uh, no problem, noooo….

Four weeks, you say?

Actually, his notes are so clear and concise it’s really only a matter of putting them into action. Still, the words of doom have been uttered (Is there a chance we can work some sort of silver lining into the ending?) so that alone might take, oh I don’t know, the rest of my natural life to work out…


It’s big gardening days at the Batthome at the moment, my friends. What with the change in weather, I was out back on the weekend, digging away like a big diggy thing. I’ve cleared an area next to the patio, formerly a brick barbecue and crazy paving abomination (what the hell were they thinking?), and dug it out to create a sun garden; Aiden’s Japanese garden by his bedroom is the proud recipient of a big hole and soakwell; and the dead area next to the letterbox that was once a garden (allegedly), and is now a broken pile of half-grown sticks sprouting leaves, was divested of its crappy brick border.

The really fun part, of course, is going to Bunnings and buying things πŸ™‚ Like the hanging bird feeder I’ve put up outside our bedroom window, and the hatchet I’ll be using this weekend in my stump-uprooting efforts. Oh, and the piping for the soakwells; and trellis, and… well, you get the idea. At one stage last weekend, all 4 kids were with me, helping (or in the case of the littlies, “helping”. Parents will know the difference), and it was brilliant: a sunny afternoon, everyone dirty, laughing, and heading back in for dinner and baths with a real sense of satisfaction.

The boys are away this weekend, so I’m planning to have the sun garden edged and filled with soil; connect the pipes from soakwell to downpipe in Aiden’s garden and backfill the hole; start digging out the dead letterbox area in preparation for the rock garden I have planned; and I may even get around to levering the stump out of Aiden’s section so I can get his pond and fountain sorted out. The brilliant thing about Clarkson is that the whole coast is built upon a sandstone base, so large rocks can be found in the bushlands near any of the main roads, where the excavators have simply tipped them away from the road site and left them. It’s simply a matter of spotting one in the size you need, throwing (grunting with effort as you lift the bastard over the edge of the boot, letting go, and collapsing) it in the boot, and bringing it home. The rock garden is going to need a bunch of large stones for its initial layer, so this is a definite (and infintely cheaper than a garden centre) plus.

You may have noticed that with the onset of spring, I’m getting in touch with my inner gardener again… Luscious certainly has. For no reason at all she came home last night and presented me with a nice, thick, browseable book on Australian garden styles and plants. We have a Christmas family do at our place on the weekend before Brianmas this year, so I’ve set that as my deadline to have the entire front and back gardens set up as I want them. The advent of clear days is giving me the opportunity to really see the change in possibilities for the crappy, ignored-and-ugly gardens the last owner had left us when we moved in. It’ll be good to see them how they should be. I’m spending mass hours out there at the moment, and finish each weekend in a heck of a lot of pain, but the results will be worth it.

Which reminds me, I really have to ring the chiropractor today and make an appointment for next week πŸ™‚

Song of the moment: Marseille The Angels


If you’re an LJ user, and you’re wondering why my leebattersby address looks like leebattersby, the answer’s simple: I’ve grown tired of the LJ community and the running battles I am drawn into for expressing my opinions, and I’ve deleted my account.

Register for the Battersblog feed if you can’t be bothered coming here directly to read my news.


The great news, for me at least, is that the time I’ve released to myself by doing so has resulted in a burst of writing energy, and as writing was the reason I got into this gig in the first place (and the only part of the whole shooting match that gives me unconditional pleasure), I’m feeling like I’ve made no better decision in ages.

To whit, the last two days have seen another 390 words on In From the Snow, and 1161 on Mister Snopes. The latter is particularly pleasing, as I’d been stuck at a problem point for some time, and I’ve blown past it and almost up to completion. One section more, and the beast, she is killed.

It’s come thudding back to me: what have the likes Terry Dowling, Ted Chiang, Howard Waldrop et al been doing while I’ve been getting caught up in silly little side games? Could the answer be: writing?


I’ve been thinking a lot about my career lately: what it means to me, where I want it to go, what I need to put behind me, what I need to concentrate on….

One thing that stands out is how few markets I’ve attained overseas: I’ve got a lot of Australian magazines in my bibliography, but give the list a quick scan and it quickly becomes apparent that I haven’t made a concerted enough effort to establish myself in the wider scheme of things.

So from now on, at least for a while, I’m going to be taking a long, hard look at alternatives to my current sending procedures. I love my Australian magazines, I subscribe to a number of them and I’ll never stop sending them my stuff. But-

I’ve prepared a list of 50 or so markets, tiered in sets of attraction. The likes of F&SF, Asimov’s, and Brutarian speak for themselves. But I’m interested in what you’re reading: any favourite magazines? Where, and why? Let me know, and I’ll have a look at them for my own self-centred purposes πŸ™‚

Song of the moment: John, I’m Only Dancing David Bowie
Reading: Haunted Chuck Palahniuk. Still waiting to find out what all the fuss is about.


These two worthy website are in need of a wee bit of cash in hand to keep themselves floating, and both deserve a nod in the direction of your wallet.

It’d be great if you would donate. Take particular note of the pdf offer of Ticonderoga stories, which you’ll be able to keep after they leave the archive forever, and the chance to win groovy prizes. Verily, ’tis a cause of worthiness.

Of course, if you do donate (as I have done: a story for the pdf), you get to display one of these about your person:

All the best people have one…..


Because I’m such a shy retiring thing, I’ve started work on a page to pull together all the instances of Battersby on the net: stories, interviews, reviews, articles, and so on. I figure if they’re all in the one place it’ll make it easier for you all to ignore me πŸ™‚ And, of course, you won’t need to go so far to indulge in your Luscious fetish.

Be that as it may (and I’ll let you know when I’ve got more than one link sorted out), I figure it’s an appropriate time to remind you all that my Aurealis Award nominated story A Stone to Mark My Passing is still up at the wonderful and lovely Anna Tambour’s website.

If you haven’t read it yet, consider it a taste of what you’ll find within the pages of Through Soft Air (pages 137-145, to be precise). Loss Leader Lee, that’s me πŸ™‚


Sunday was our 1st wedding anniversary. My poor darling sprained an ankle during the week, so our plans were restricted a tad, but it didn’t stop us taking the kids out for a celebratory dinner, and me presenting her with a rather lovely ring (you know, even if I do say so myself…). The kids got into the act too: Blake & Aiden presented us with an amazing candlestick in the shape of a celtic cross and dragon, some small hand made soaps, a bath bomb, and a beautiful glass hummigbird suncatcher. Cassie also presented us with a beautiful bar of scented soap. What are they trying to tell us?

It really doesn’t feel like it’s only been a year. We exist in such hamrony, such amazing sympatico, that it feels as if we’ve always been together. The love and passion we felt for each other when we first became entangled hasn’t diminished. In fact it’s broadened, and deepened, until everything else in the world pales beside it.

The first married year of the rest of our lives, and I couldn’t be happier.


Wandered over to our good friends Grant and Sonia’s on the weekend, as they’re heading off overseas for 5 weeks on Saturday (the lucky jammy jammy lucky bastards) and they’d thrown the house open for a hangout. It was the first time we’d been over, and the boys instantly fell in love with their wall o’ DVDs. And when I say wall, what I mean is: several walls. Floor to ceiling. Many many DVDs. And Grant, being the trusting soul he is, let them borrow as many as they liked. The boys, being trusting souls, only borrowed one.

Tomb Of The Cybermen. Only my favourite Dr Who adventure ever. And I hadn’t even told them beforehand!

That’s my evenings booked this week πŸ™‚


The Ballad of Dwight & Renfield, 6285 words of pulp horror fun, to Steven Savile’s Monster Noir project. Fingers crossed: if he likes it, not only will it be part of one of the most interesting and exciting projects I’ve seen since All-Star Zeppelin Adventure Stories, Steven might be persuaded to pick up one of my Dr Who story pitches for his next anthology.

Of such things are tiny green dreams made…


Saddened today to learn of the death of Stanislaw Lem at the age of 84. At that age you expect it, I guess, but he was one of my favourite authors, and his absurdist views on the structure of things had a real effect on both my writing and world view over the years. He was one of those authors to whom I reacted with “Oh my God, you can do this as well?” upon first reading of his work, someone who opened my eyes and my literary sensibilities to a myriad of different ways to think and to transcribe my world onto paper.

I’ll sit down with a book and a glass of wine this weekend, and toast his memory.


For all those who have been asking (and thank you to everyone who has) I can now announce that you can order Through Soft Air via the Prime Books Website at last!

Go on then. Don’t let me stop you.

Incidentally, if any reviewers would like a pdf copy to review, drop me a line. I have one I can send you now.


Every now and again, someone arrives at this site via the weirdest search topic.

Yesterday, someone came here by using the search term “Billie Piper videos of her nipples “.


I mean, not that I don’t want one….


A number of people have asked how Connor is going since his operation, and when they’re going to see a picture or two on this blog. The answers are:

a) He’s fine and dandy, although a little bit unsettled by some teething right now. He’s a week away from being allowed to play in the muck and mud again, as there’s still a slight chance of infection, but at this stage it looks as if the operation was a complete success, and our beautiful, happy little boy is now doubly beautiful into the bargain.

b) As soon as ‘Hello’ stops buggerising me about and starts connecting to the network again. And I have such a cute one of him sitting in a bucket, ready to go.


Thanks to the kindness of Geoffrey Maloney and Jeff Vandermeer, I now have a discussion board over at Nightshade Books. I’ll be using it to announce story sales, talk about upcoming projects & appearances, discuss my work, point bones, torture kittens… y’know, the usual.

Come on down. Have your say. Pontificate at will.


Placed an article with the Australian Horror Writer’s Association on the subject of professionalism and how to crack your first sale. It’s not up at their website yet, but I’ll let you know when it arrives.


Woah. Twice in a week!


As my days have become increasingly filled with dayjob mundanity, I have grown to treasure more and more the time spent with my family, and the childlike joy we find in each other’s presence. To whit: how many 36 year old women would line up with their daughters for face painting, and then get themselves done into the bargain?

I’m a dragon! I’m a butterfly!

How can I not be in utter love?


Connor had his first roast tonight. An indulgent Dad moment:



Goodness me. Luscious has blogged.


Remember last night when I talked about respect for my writing achievements?

Got an email about ten minutes after I posted.

Boy, will I have an announcement to make in a short while πŸ™‚

Song of the moment: Magneto & Titanium Man Wings


Luscious and I attended the Katharine Susannah Prichard Writer’s Centre SF/F Awards ceremony on Sunday, in our capacity as this year’s judges. We had a great time reading for the comp: 90 entries in the Open section and 20 in the junior. Submissions are blind, which meant that we didn’t know the identity of the winners until after we’d chosen them, so it was gratifying to see some good names amongst the crop, some of whom we count amongst our friends. It was also good to see sopme of the authors come to accept their prizes: not many Western Australians copped gongs this year, and I enjoyed listening to those who did attend give their readings.

For the record, yon winners this year were:


Winner- Happy Now, Peter Frankis
2nd Here Be Monsters, Susan Wardle

Highly Commended-

  • Deadline, Martin Livings
  • Ian, Shane Jirayia Cummings
  • Rentokil Girl, BJ Thomason
  • Hollow, Peter Frankis
  • Boomerang, Joh Gooley
  • The Scent of Milk, Tansy Rayner Roberts


  • The Heartfelt Creature, Dominic Lennard
  • Screen Conspiracy, Harold Mally
  • Rings And Things, Helen Venn
  • Leap Year Man, Jim Murphy
  • Crossed Wires, Laurie Steed
  • They’re Selling Postcards Of The Hanging, Neroli Cochrane (Winner of the highly-unofficial Lee’s Vote For Best Title of the Competition award)


WinnerDisenchantments, Briony Davis
2ndThe Feast, Colin Gan

Highly Commended-

  • Encephsystem (TM), Ruth Fox
  • The Tree, Ben Brooker
  • The Clone, Nicola Sanchez


  • The Isle, Ruth Fox
  • Waiting For Reality, Huxley Baberowski
  • A Sword… For The Road, Valerie Coscini

There were some fantastic stories this year, and some we’re going to try to snaffle for Ticonderoga Online now the competition is finished and we have no conflict of interest.

And the winner is…


1 game to go, and the mighty Bayswater Juniors lie in 4th place, with a strong chance of making the finals! A brave 4-0 loss this weekend (to a side that walloped us 9-2 in the reverse fixture) speaks of some good form, so it all rides on the final game of the season.

The last couple of games have been a bit hard on Aiden: with the business end of the season he’s getting less game time, which I don’t think is fair: junior sport is supposed to be about fun, not about the coach and his friends reliving their inflated glory days through the kids. I ended up having a row with the coach’s father on Sunday, who is of the opinion the supporting the kids means shouting abuse at them every time they do (or don’t do) something. Ugly parents get under my skin, and had he turned it upon the A-boy things would have become much louder than they did….

Thankfully, Aiden’s still up for every game, and still gets involved- he laid a beautiful crunching tackle on a player last weekend. He’s a much better player than he was at the start of the season, and I hope he continues next year, and keeps having fun.

And we’re already starting to train the next generation. How’s this for goalscoring form?

Mia Hamm is yesterday’s news!


Lie down and die, Barbie. You can’t compete with a Batman mask and an imagination. The jewlerry is a nice touch, don’t you think? “I could fight crime, or I could just head out to dinner.”

It’s not a bike pump, it’s a sword! And a trumpet, and a microphone, and a guitar….

The Pink Knight Avenger…


Had a great time on Sunday night, when Shane Jirayia Cummings and Angela Challis joined us for dinner after the SF Awards, giving us another excuse to head down to our special little Indian place and grab some takeaway. Dinner started at 7, and it was past midnight when we finally parted, weary from laughter and some of the most enjoyable conversation we’ve had since, well, since the last time we shared dinner. Shane and Angela are just too much fun for words, and anybody who enjoys metheglin as much as I do is always welcome πŸ™‚ Not to mention the muscat, the cabernet merlot, the classic white…….

Oh, and next time you bump into Shane, ask him to tell you about the vespian legetarians πŸ™‚


The Premier League is back!

Here we go, here we go, here we goooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!


…has arrived in the mail! How can you not love a game that lets you take failed American businessmen and pit them in masked Mexican wrestler combat to the death? I love Cheapass Games.

And I notice on the side of the box that they have a game called Unexploded Cow. Hmmm…..


Put up our first items for sale yesterday on this fine taking-money-from-Batts-in-return-for-regular-packages-in-the-mail site. If you’d like a massive encyclopedia of motorcycles, an unopened copy of Titus on DVD, an unopened VHS box set of the first 3 Star Wars movies, or a 3-issue The Shadow mini-series, look under Triffbatt and make a bid.


Finally finished a story and sent it out this morning. It seems so long since I’ve accomplished this simple task. But the story’s a good one, by which I mean it’s unremittingly nasty and makes Luscious’ skin crawl. Which is a fine thing, because Decimated has gone off to Shadowed Realms.

Tentacles crossed.


This Saturday, the grand opening of Fantastic Planet Bookstore, 8 Shafto Lane, Perth.

Run by groovies Elaine Kemp and Stephen Dedman, this promises to finally be the decent SF bookstore this city has been waiting for. Elaine and Stephen are committed to showcasing the weird, the unusual, the local, and the hard to get, as well as the usual shel-filling money spinners.

Get your asses down there. Buy something. Support it. Read their weblog. Tell them what you want. This is the best chance we’ve had since A Touch of Strange turned to poo to have a truly first class Speculative Fiction bookshop.

You’ll recognise me on Saturday: I’ll be the large hairy guy telling the short gorgeous woman that I can’t possibly live without any of the enormous pile of books I’ll be carrying. Hope they’ve got a big Waldrop section…


Luscious has started blogging again.

If you’re flisted to the right LJ, it’s the same entry so you’ll get it there too, but if anyone wants to set up an RSS feed, we can kill two posts with one, uh, bird? And we’d be very grateful for the gift.

Song of the moment: Let’s Talk About Sex, Salt ‘n’ Pepa


Come one, come all Issue 4 of Ticonderoga Online is now, well, on line!

Stories by wily veteran Rob Hood and eager newcomer Ashley Arnold. An editorial by Russell Farr which has me dying to get to my issue just so I can disagree with him! Geoffrey Maloney interviews one of my favourite Australian SF authors, Trent Jamieson. Rusty B interviews Jonathan Strahan. No less than 8 reviews of magazines and books from here and overseas.

And all for free. which is exactly how much we get paid πŸ™‚


Came home today to one acceptance and one rejection.

The rejection was from US magazine Cemetery Dance, which is a bugger because it’s a US magazine, pays well, has a good rep, and I want to be in it. Durn.

The acceptance came from Antipodean SF, who will publish And Just Like That… in issue 92, due to hit monitors in January of next year.

I like what Ion Newcombe does with this ezine, and I nominate him for the Peter MacNamara Award every year. Whilst everyone I know in the biz seems to make a point of stopping each month to read the 10 flash pieces he assembles, and names like Sean Williams and Martin Livings happily support him by submitting pieces (Ion can’t afford to pay, so getting names this big is a real coup), Newk himself remains largely unheralded, which is a bloody pity, imho.

Go. Read. Vote for your fave story. Go back again next month.


We passed 20 000 hits on the site last night, which would probably have happened a couple of days ago had I not lost half my template, and therefore, my hit tracker.

Thanks for reading, everyone. Now, if anyone’s got any ideas how I can get this thing out there a bit more widely than it is at the moment, feel free to let me know.


Big word up to the fabbo Martin Livings for rescuing my blog after it decided to show only the blank backing for the last couple of days.

I’ve managed to rediscover my message board. All that remains is my list of links. Bear with me: I’ll throw them up as quickly as I remember who the hell I had up there. Of course, if you want to be linked, now would be a good opportunity to tell me.


Issue 3 of Ticonderoga Online is up!

Editorial by that Tin Duck-nominated paragon of editorial loveliness, Luscious Lyn Triffitt. Stories by Martin Livings and Ben Peek. An interview with Deb Biancotti. Loads of reviews.

Go, read, enjoy.


I am butch, I am rough-n-tumble, I am the rock and roll Tyrannosaurus sex God of Australian Science Fiction…

I am currently cleaning the house like a mad thing before the cleaning lady gets here to clean up for the Tupperware party this evening.

Has anybody seen my testicles?


Oh yeah, forgot to mention. Luscious has a new, secondary blog. Apparently, she couldn’t work out what to do with her copious spare time (currently logged as almost three seconds every second month) and has decided to read and review a book every week.

Check it out. First up is Dave Luckett’s brand new fantasy book, The Truth About Magic.