It’s no easy thing to try and escape the surly bonds of the small press. Every effort to transcend its borders is met by an equal and opposite reaction designed to keep one in one’s place. Football fans might fall back on phrases like “the level playing field” or “the tall poppy syndrome”. We, however, are the all-dancing, all-singing Fred Karno’s Army of geekdom (and incidentally, just what bl00dy good are we?). We move to more esoteric rhythms. Our great leveller is Maxwell’s Demon.

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Well, I must say I’m reasonably chuffed with myself– I came back from my Clarion stint with two tasks uppermost in my mind: to return to mainstream employment in order to ensure a more secure income stream; and to get back to basics with my writing by sloughing away as many non-essential distractions as possible and concentrating on the pure act of writing.

As to the first, I start a 6 month contract with the ATO on the 12th (cue sound of things changing and staying the same…), with the hope that old contacts and hard work will see me springboard into something permanent.

And the second, well, that’s working out too: I’m knee-deep in the 3rd draft of the movie, and expect to have that back to Producer Matt within the week. I’ve sent 5 stories out, selling one so far. And I’m currently banging through the necessary line edits on the half dozen or so I had in hard copy when the hard drive died, so I expect to have sent them out as well by the end of March. I’ve received the rewrite specs for The Time Eater, my story in the now-available-for-pre-order Doctor Who: Destination Prague anthology. And I’m currently hard at work on a commissioned story for an anthology I’m not yet cleared to talk about, but for which I’m having a hell of a lot of fun writing (Giant mutant dolphins, baby! Giant mutant dolphins!)

Oh, and, you know, I posted a haiku about genital wigs over at Jerry Jarvis’ Wig this morning 🙂

It’s all good, clean fun down our way.


Lyn and I have gathered a small band of fellows about us, all with the same set of goals vis-a-vis our careers, in order to share information, critique each others’ work, and bitch about everybody else discuss what measures we need to take to work our way up the writing food chain.

As is the way of such things, we’ve also cobbled together a group blog. Jerry Jarvis’ Wig is online, and if you’re interested in the strange interior workings of myself, Lyn, Paul Haines, Geoffrey Maloney and Brendan Duffy, wander along every now and again and say hola.

Currently the posting is somewhat infrequent, due to the very recent creation of the group, but I have a couple of entries I’ll be getting up soon. I’ll still be filling this colum with my own ridiculous brand of waffle, but I have some very different things planned for JJs: stay tooned….