How did we end up watching this sadly dated Arnold Schwarzenegger so-close-it-just-makes-it-seem-worse entry from the ‘not quite Predator’ days? Suffice to say, there was an emergency flight to Perth (more on that tomorrow, possibly), a trip to the DVD store, discovering that the Blu-Ray of Highlander that was purchased on said trip refuses to play in the Blu-Ray player bought in the same country as the Blu-Ray, and this was the first case I saw on the Family-Hasn’t-Seen-It-Yet pile.

Still, as the rule states, where there is movie watchage, so shall there be movie quote mixage. So here we are, your The Running Man Mixed Movie Quote:

Running Man


It’s been a while since I’ve thrown one of these up, but then, it’s been a while since I’ve watched a movie.

Saturday night, Luscious, Lord 15, and I had tickets to see the new Terminator dumpster fire, but illness and mentals meant we stayed at home and consoled ourselves with lollies and watching the original (ie: The Good One) on Blu-ray instead. 35 years later, it’s still unbelievably good. And so you get this:


terminator quote