ME: (Strikes muscle pose): Sixty thousand words!
LYN: How many Nano?
ME: Forty five thousand, eight hundred.
LYN: You’re ahead of me again. It’s so hard to go back and write filler. You’re going to win.
ME: Well, you’re winning the race that actually matters.
LYN: What do you mean?
ME: One novel beats one bit of a novel.


LYN: Well, yeah…

PS: Apocalypso in my pants. Sob….


A day late, yes, but Real Life (tm) will do that to you.

20 (21) days in to Nanwrimo. Two third of the way through. If I’m to be on track for completing 50 000 words by month’s end, I need to have written 35 000 words by now.

So: How’s it all going?

As of tonight, it’s going 41 339 words of froody, thanks for asking. The Corpse-Rat King is now 55 500 words long, and we’ve reached the major turning point of the novel. Marius don Hellespont, our (for want of a better word, or indeed, any other word) hero, has had his epiphany, and has set in motion the initial act necessary to drive the narrative towards the climax. I’ve got a good grasp of the next story arc, and this weekend looks to be good for some decent writing hours, thanks to a Tupperware party and two empty evenings.

There’s a long way to go yet– right now, Marius is on the rotting hulk of an ancient warship, a dozen feet under water, with only an animated skeleton formed from the remains of a mad, dead King and his favourite horse for company, and somehow he has to get from there to…. well, I know the ending, but I’d be expecting you to buy the book, eventually….

But there will be redemption; there will be fighting; there will be corpse-robbing; love; fire; a cat called Argo; and very possible a long scene involving a dead thief trying to crap out a giant emerald without having eaten anything for several weeks beforehand…..

Admit it: you’re curious, ain’t ya? 🙂


Oh, my baking yak.

5561 words today, bring The Corpse-Rat King to just under 50 000 in total, and my Nanowrimo total to a squeak under 35 000. Tomorrow I’ll pass both milestones, but right now I need to get off this office chair before my back gives out totally and I start whimpering like a Nigerian Spam Puppy.*

Whilst I’m not at liberty to discuss details of the plot, or what is yet to come (mainly because I don’t know what’s yet to come), I can tell you that so far I’ve set a village on fire whilst drunk, started a war between two bridges on the same river, sunk a horse-captained warship off the coast of the Dog Crap Archipelago, and had a dead guy receive a handjob from a nine hundred year old island witch.

All in a month’s work.

* Before the hate mail starts, I mean the puppy whimpers, not the non-potential-owner….


The Corpse-Rat King passed 43 000 words tonight, 29 300 of them since the start of Nanowrimo. What’s most satisfying is how much of the plot I still have left in front of me- with Napoleone’s Land, it felt like a struggle to come up with enough words to fill a full-length novel, but the lessons I learned from the experience are playing themselves out much more easily this time around, which bodes well for when I finish this first draft and go back to do the Napoleone rewrites.

What’s most pleasing is the feeling that these are 43 000 saleable words. It’s one thing to slap words down on a page and pass a distant finish line, but unless you write with the aim of publication, that’s all you’re doing– slapping words down. I may not be winning the Nanowrimo ‘race’, but I’m gonna sell mine!*

The part of me that has been resisting the change in focus from short stories to novels is getting smaller and smaller.

*This, of course, has no bearing on whether other Nanites will sell their words– only a mug would bet against the likes of Simon Haynes, Stephen Dedman, and Lyn. But the egomoster don’t play like that……


Always remember
The tenth of November
Coz if you don’t you’ll be standing in Kings Park at dawn a day early wondering where the hell everyone else is.

Also, today marks the one-third mark in this year’s Nanowrimo. Keen-eyed readers will remember that I’m giving it a go this year, for the first time. (Anyone who wishes to link up with my progress on the site itself can look for me under the username CRKIng). The idea is to write 50 000 words of a novel (okay, strictly speaking,a 50K word novel, but I’m playing slightly differently. It’s my prerogative as a woman…) in 30 days, an average of 1667 words per day over the month. I’ve chosen to use the time to continue working on the first draft of The Corpse-Rat King, my second novel, which had encountered a little bit of stallage in recent days. The hope was that committing to the project would help kick-start the work again.

So how am I doing?

As of today, I have completed 22 752 words, approximately 45 and a bit percent of the target total. More importantly, when added to the 11 689 I had already completed, it gives me a grand total of 34 441 words under my belt, enough that I can be pretty happy with where the book is heading and start thinking about the path I want the middle of the novel to take (I have a pretty firm idea of the final third, which, amongst other things, means I write novels a little bit like Underpants Gnomes make money…)

Tonight I am going to reward myself with a night off, and I shall eat ice cream and watch documentaries about dinosaurs. Or whatever Lyn wants 🙂