Some brief but good news, writing-wise:

Final edits on Smuggler’s Moon have been delivered to New Ceres Nights tonight. The book itself is due in April.

And I’ve just been told that Sydney University Press will be publishing an anthology of Remix My Lit stories, due out on 4th May. I’ve been asked for, and have delivered, a bio, so I’m assuming Alchymical Romance will be amongst them. More details as they come to light.


Good news for those who have been enjoying the Remix My Lit experience- RML have cut up their August 31 deadline and remixed a brand new one for you: 19 October 2008.Get inspired by the remixable short stories, show them your vision, and submit your own version for your chance to be published in an anthology alongside established Australian authors such as myself, Kim Wilkins, and Cate Kennedy.

And for those who’d like to see what can be done, my story Alchymical Romance has received two new remixings: Sajbrfm has given it a complete gender re-alignment with Alchymical Romance (gender exchange remix) which pulls a complete 360 on my standard gender default, leading to quite a different narrative focus. And Angela Meyer has gone for a complete re-imagining, mixing elements of my work with bits of stories by Philip Neilsen, Stefan Laszczuk and Cate Kennedy to produce the truly extraordinary Again, The Healing Tickle (the Way Black Glitters): A Mash Up, which shows just what can be done with the remixing concept in the hands of an artist in tune with the working methods it requires. I think the end result is absolutely bloody stunning.

And, if you haven’t already read it, Grant Watson’s brilliantly short, brutal Alchymical Romance (serial killer remix) is still up for your reading pleasure too.

4 stories for the price of one! Hoe cool is that?


The Remix My Lit project is entering into its final phase. Whilst you can still remix the stories at the website (and so you should), August 30th will see the whole thing climax at a killer live remixing event as part of the Festival of Melbourne.

Guests at the festival have been invited to bring their laptop or mobile phone and be part of a live multimedia remix event at Federation Square, where they can freely remix your work.

Remixers will find copies of the stories on the day or can access them in advance at the website – they can re-imagine and remix them – and then send the remixed short story to a mobile phone number. Using the Fed Sq SMS TV system the RML team will be publishing this flash fiction on the big screen at Federation Square as part of a live A/V set by “.M.”

Readings of the original stories have also been recorded by .M. and will be incorporated into her set, which will also feature video images inspired by the stories.

All works created on the day will be posted to the Remix My Lit website and considered for publication in an upcoming, associated, print anthology.

If you are going to be in Melbourne for the festival we would love to see you at the event:

Date: Saturday 30 August 2008
Time: 3.30pm – 4.30pm
Venue: Federation Square – The Big Screen in the Plaza

For more info visit the official MWF program:


The first story in the groovy Remix my Lit project is up at the website and available for remixing. Cut, paste, wibble, handwave, set to interpretive dance, do that shwimmy-shwimmy Star Trek transporter special effect, whatever you like, and send it on to them in order to be part of a very special project.

Direct from Remix-honcho Amy Barker to you:

This is a remixable short story. Write a remixed version and then email it to for your chance to be published in a hard copy anthology alongside Emily and her original work, along with more of Australia’s best writers.
All remixes will be published on the Remix My Lit website.

More stories to come.

by Emily Maguire

This girl I hang out with sometimes wears shiny red polish which draws attention to her ragged nails and sunless skin. Silver bikie rings squat on her stumpy fingers.

Her eye-makeup is always uneven. This is not a fashion statement; she does not flaunt a retro-blue-frosted left eye and a goth-inspired-charcoaled right. It is only that she is easily distracted and so will forget to apply a second coat of mascara on one eye or blend the liner on the other. From a distance it looks fine, but up close the imbalance is off-putting.

Her hair is the colour of dried blood. It smells of chemicals and is stiff to the touch. In a photo taken on her sixteenth birthday it is waist length, shiny and brown. I asked her why she changed it but she only laughed.

When she dances or argues she grows a perspiration moustache. During sex, sweat coats her forehead even if the rest of her remains dry and cool.

A tan would disguise the steel-blue veins radiating from her areolae, but she is not the type to sunbathe topless nor is she a woman familiar with salon treatments. She leaves her disposable razors in my soap dish and her tweezers on the basin.

I think her gums are unhealthy, because one time she borrowed my toothbrush and left behind a smear of pinkish toothpaste at the base of the bristles.

I suggested she buy some new jeans after I overheard a mutual friend make an unflattering comment about the size of her arse, but her new jeans were even tighter. The angry lines they leave on her belly make me think of childbirth.

And yet when she checks her reflection in my bathroom mirror, she smiles like she has caught sight of a beloved friend.

My own story, tentatively entitled Alchymical Romance should be available within the next month or so, along with several others. Far be it from me to tell you how to do your work, but I’m looking forward to seeing who can combine elements from different stories into a new narrative…..