So…… lot of weather we’ve been having lately, innit?……

All right, let’s talk serious shit. I’ve lost my way since our son Blake completed suicide back in September 2019. Of course it’s understandable — Luscious and I have been swallowed by grief, and anybody who can’t understand how that level of grief can affect you has my permission to stay quiet — but the ultimate end of that process is that my life has turned in upon itself and started eating its own tail. Everything that was supposed to be good about coming to Karratha — gaining fitness, writing more, lowering my stress levels, finding my post-50-year-old-future, etc etc and so forth — was destroyed, and what’s more, I didn’t care.

This can no longer be supported.

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One of the things I’ve missed most since moving to Karratha is the opportunity to exhibit at my favourite annual arts exhibition, Bricktober. So much so, in fact, that recently I determined that I was going to pack myself into the car and drive down to Perth in 2021 for the sole purpose of doing just that.

Then a double dose of positive karma struck: Firstly, Luscious approved the plan, and second, my good pal (and head honcho of Bricktober) Stephen Kendall gently coughed in my Facebook feed and mentioned that a) due to Covid-19 restrictions, Bricktober was taking place in a fully online environment this year, and b) if I pulled my finger out and built something inside of a week, I could display something this year as well as next.

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So to the big news:

I have websitage!

After much cocking things up and not-being-at-all-clever about hosts and doman names and stuff like that– really, I can’t escape the essential 19th Century level of my technological abilities– I can proudly announce the presence of leebattersby.com on the electronic landscape.

Come on down and have a look. Some of the pages are still under construction, but you’ll find stuff there about me, my writing and cartooning, the sorts of random falderal that amuse me…. in short, it’s a snapshot of the inside of my brain, only much easier to navigate.

And while you’re web-hopping, jump on over to Lyn’s new website as well, which is like a snapshot of the inside of her brain. Which means it’s prettier than mine, and much more elegant.


So my weekend plans all seem to revolve around the movement of large amounts of soil, as well as packaging the novel up for the new agent-of-choice.

Entertain me. Tell me your plans.

Song of the moment: Where in the Hell Did you Go with my Toothbrush? Rev. Horton Heat
Reading: Mojo- Conjure Stories, still.