Free Lee!

3 or 4 maybe

You know how it is. The longer you wander around the internet in your bare feet, the more forensic evidence you leave behind, among the breadcrumbs and orange peel.

Look closely enough, and I’ve left pieces of myself all over the place. Here’s some falderal to help you while away the long, lonely hours between waking up and dawn.


Possession, an SF flash story, is printed at Antipodean SF and recreated in spoken form at the AntiSF Radio Show (2019)

The House of Jack’s Girls is a nasty little horror story appearing in spoken and written versions on the PseudoPod website . (2018)

I read Father Muerte and the Flesh for Coeur de Lion’s Terra Incognita SF podcast (2017)

The Smell of Wet Grass (2015) at SQ Mag ezine

The Glow of his Eyes, the Depth of his Gaze (2015) at Cosmos

In From the Snow, audio version at Far Fetched Fables

I’ll Keep a Green Lantern Burning (2008, poem) at Strange Horizons

A Stone to Mark My Passing (2003), courtesy of the divine Anna Tambour’s website.

Brillig (2002), at EOTU Ezine.


July 2018: Perth poet and author Karen Lowry interviews me about world building, verisimilitude, and whether gathering a writing community around yourself is all that necessary.

September 2017: The Horror Tree quizzes me on humour, horror, and all things genre.

November 2016: Something slightly different– All About The Brick talks to me about my Lego obsession.

March 2016: Kids’ Book Review asks me 12 Curly Questions.

February 2016: I chat with Walker Books’ Classroom about Magrit.

September 2015: I talk to my pal Andrew J McKiernan about my writing toolbox.

April 2014: I chat with In Their Own Write about motivation, obstacles, and maintaining passion in the face of the Real World ™.

March 2013: I talk to fellow Rockingham author Monique Mulligan about The Corpse-Rat King, the writing journey, and which SF characters I’d have over to dinner.

August 2012: Something from my previous day job– the Australian Writers Marketplace talks to me about the short story competition I created.

writingWA interview me for their Face To Face interview series. In living colour, with movement, and sound, and Meri Fatin, and everything!

The archive of my Australian SF Snapshot interviews, stretching back to 2005 like an embarrassing re-rerun of the 7-Up movies that I can’t ignore. (If you’re unaware of the Australian SF Snapshot project, hit up their webpage and get it up ya)


My Goodreads author page: see my books, ask me a question, doubt my sanity…

A short video by my pal Steph Russo wherein I am interviewed about the workings behind Magrit, and get totally upstaged by my little ginger nutcase of a son.

I Am My Own Weird: Guest post at Fantasy Book Critic, 2012.

On Burnout: a blog brief at the home of Deborah Biancotti, 2011.

On Indie Press: Guest post at Fablecroft Publishing, 2011.