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Since my breakthrough in the early days of 2001, I’ve balanced the needs of a writing career with a full-time (and sometimes, more than full-time) day job. During all of this, I’ve been the primary breadwinner for my family, which has meant trudging out every day to The Day Job ™, and fitting my arts practice in around the edges.

But all that’s about to change! From February 2018, we’ll be living in the wilds of Karratha as my wife pursues a long-held desire to teach. Having left my job to support her, I’ll be concentrating on creating my art full-time.


Also, I totes won’t spend the entire time playing with my dollies. Honest.

In 2018 and 2019, I’ll be working on the following projects:

  • Ghost Tracks: a children’s book, in which a boy accidentally derails the ghost of a train and must travel to the ghost dimension to make reparation.
  • Bear Hunts: a crime novel, in which a reformed small time crook is blackmailed into a heist that goes wrong, and determines to hunt down the mastermind behind it and take revenge.
  • The Claws of Native Ghosts and Other Stories: a linked collection of horror stories taking place throughout Western Australian history.
  • Tales of Nireym: a fantasy novel about a daughter who runs away, the hidden society she inspires in a patriarchal culture, and the hunt to find her before a brewing rebellion puts her into direct conflict with the Emperor.
  • The Canals of Anguilar: a fantasy novel, in which a cadre of cowards discovers a city that can only be found by cowards, and the malevolent force that hunts them down, one by one.
  • The Boy from G.O.B.L.I.N: a children’s book, in which a homeless child is recruited into the Guild of Beasts that Lurk in the Night, and discovers that the world is not structured the way he thought.
  • Antimony Lavage: a children’s book, in which a young girl aspires to drive the train that takes the dead from the City to the Necropolis near where she lives, and will do anything to make her aspirations come true.

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Your patronage will enable me to produce art both written and visual. In return, you’ll receive access to unique content, stories that will be seen only by patrons, and opportunities to set the tone and content of upcoming works.

Have a wander around my site, download the free story you receive just for dropping by, and consider joining me for the next stage of my artistic journey as it happens.

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